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Regular cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are the natural offspring  produced when a male and female cannabis plant are bred together. Typically speaking it is not possible judge whether a regular cannabis seed in male or female; only once the plant has been flowered for approximately two weeks can the sex be determined. Females will produce a tear drop shaped calyx with a couple of white hairs and the male plant will have a couple of oval pods (balls!)

As with nature, on average a regular cannabis seed will produce  a 50/50 ratio of male and female plants once grown. The Female cannabis plants are the ones most cannabis cultivators desire so why choose regular seeds in the first place? If your intention is to breed cannabis and produce seeds then you will need a mix of male and female plants so regular cannabis seeds would be the ideal choice.  If you are planning to clone your cannabis plants females produced from regular seeds are genetically stronger so will last a lot longer than those that came from a  "feminised"  seed.

Although regular cannabis seeds are less popular than feminised cannabis seeds they still play an important role and are still sought by the more traditional cannabis cultivator.

Sensible Seeds have put together a list of the more popular regular seed varieties sought by cannabis buffs to make your selection easier.

See our Top Regular cannabis seed strains below .

 Grand Daddy Purps - Phantom Cookies -
Next Generation - Grape God  -
BC Bud Depot - Girl Scout Cookies -
Bomb Seeds - THC Bomb -
Grand Daddy Purps - Original Grand Daddy Purp -
Spliff - Blue Berry  -
Cali Connection - Tahoe OG Kush =
Grand Daddy Purps - OG Kush -
Archive Seeds - Shark Bite -
Cannabiogen - Leshaze  -
Ace Seeds  - Malawi -
De Sjamaan - White Widow -
Dutch Passion - Durban Poison -
Spliff - Royal Thai -
Flash - Sour Diesel Haze - AUTO -
Joint Doctor - Diesel Ryder - Auto -
Medicann - Chem Dawg -
Mr. Nice - Shit -
MTG Seeds - Covelo sour diesel  -
High Quality Seeds - Hawaii Maui Waui -



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