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Female Seeds

History of Female Seeds

Ferry the principal master breeder and founding father of Female Seeds started growing cannabis in the eighties. Being an avid grower he wanted more knowledge so he went to Amsterdam to the first grow shop in the world, Positronics. By the late eighties/ early nineties Ferry started making clones and breeding seeds for Positronics. The first strain he ever bred seeds of was a Skunk. Later he created or co-created several new strains, such as; Early Misty, Ice and Hollands Hoop.
He also upgraded several (now) classic strains like the Northern lights (Aurora Borealis), Skunk, Neville’s Haze and Bubblegum. For the Skunk, he actually isolated the infamous red pheno and that he used to create the Skunk Special in the nineties. As we all know Skunk and Northern Lights have been the most worked on strains worldwide and have formed the basis for an endless number of new strains.
In the nineties Ferry was experimenting with Ruderalis dominant strains, like Early Misty, to create early flowering indoor and outdoor strains. Little did he know then that these Ruderalis genetics would later take the world by storm as autoflowering strains. In 1990, he started working on an early flowering outdoor strain that is now known as the Easy Sativa. That strain formed the basis for the Outdoor Grapefruit. The Outdoor Grapefruit was of course with another signature Female Seeds strain; the Grapefruit, which he worked on from 1998.
In 1993 Ferry started breeding and developing new strains like Aurora Indica for Nirvana Seeds. A year later in 1994 he created the legendary ICEÒ. Ever interested in developing new skills Ferry was meanwhile researching and test breeding female seeds in the late nineties. By 2000 he had honed his skills and enhanced the method, so he released his first female seeds to the world. This method to this very day is different to what all other breeders are using to create feminized seeds. We create female seeds not feminized.
In 2003 Ferry decided to start his own company and founded Female Seeds. The very first strain he introduced as a female strain was his legendary ICEÒ strain. Soon the C’99 and the Grapefruit followed. In 2010 the White Widow x Big Bud was launched and that is his biggest success strain to date.
Unique is that all these years Female Seeds has remained popular without the help of any marketing. It has thrived thanks to its solid reputation and the quality and stability of her female seeds.
The DNA of Female Seeds has always been to be a both socially and environmentally responsible company. Therefore, Female Seeds has always been growing with a minimal ecological footprint with respect for nature. Ferry developed a Fishponics system and Female Seeds financially supports the Aquinta project in Portugal (
It is Female Seeds philosophy that its high-quality seeds should be available to everyone. High quality at a fair price!


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