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Valencia Seeds - Auto Pink Runtz - Feminised
Sex Feminized
Autoflower Automatic
Indoor Flowering 8-9 weeks
9-10 weeks
Yield Medium
THC High 16-21%
Super 22%+
Outdoor Harvest
Special Features Medical Strain
Top Genetics
Colours Purple
Effect Psychoactive
Flavour Fruity
Grow Indoor/Outdoor

Valencia Seeds - Auto Pink Runtz - Feminised

Auto Pink Runtz Feminized Marijuana Seeds by Valencia Seeds from Sensible Seeds, available in packs of 100 seeds.

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  • Description

    Auto Pink Runtz Description:

    Auto Pink Runtz from Valencia Seeds is an autoflowering cannabis strain known for its balanced hybrid qualities. The strain's lineage is somewhat obscure, but it's thought to possibly descend from Pink Panties and Rainbow Sherbet, or it may be related to the original Runtz strain, which is a cross between Gelato and Zkittlez. This ambiguity adds a touch of mystery to its background.

    The flavor profile of Auto Pink Runtz is a delightful mix, with notes of floral, sour candy, and berry undertones. It also carries hints of gelato and vanilla, creating a complex and enjoyable taste experience. The aroma complements this with a mild, sugar-sweet scent that adds to its allure.

    In terms of effects, Auto Pink Runtz is known for inducing feelings of euphoria, happiness, and relaxation, making it suitable for a variety of occasions and moods. It is often used for anxiety reduction, and its therapeutic properties can provide relief from chronic pain, depression, and restlessness. The strain is also favored for its creative and social enhancement qualities, making it popular among artists, writers, and those attending social gatherings.

    The THC content of Auto Pink Runtz can be quite high, ranging around 20% to 25%, with a relatively low CBD level. This makes it a potent choice for those seeking a strong psychoactive experience.

    Auto Pink Runtz is relatively easy to grow, thriving in warm, dry, sunny climates similar to the Mediterranean. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, with indoor plants yielding about 350-400 grams per square meter and outdoor plants producing around 400-450 grams per plant. The flowering time ranges from 55 to 70 days.

    Overall, Auto Pink Runtz from Valencia Seeds is a visually appealing strain with its rich covering of crystal trichomes and potential for purple buds. It's a great choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a balanced blend of euphoric and relaxing effects combined with a rich flavor profile

    Auto Pink Runtz Features:

    Seed Type: Autoflowering Feminised


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