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TOP Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

What Are Autoflowering Marijuana / Cannabis Plants?

Normal strains of cannabis need to change  to a 12 hours of light cycle before they will start flowering but autoflowering cannabis strains  eliminate the need to induce flowering by reduction of day-light hours. It eliminates the need for a controlled timer or the need to wait until autumn for the marijuana plant to start flowering and it will grow consistently well and finish under 24 hours of light, from germination to harvest, in just 8-9 weeks.


An autoflowered marijuana’s advantage is that it can be simply planted and left for nature to take its course. In other words, simply plant the auto flowering cannabis seed, and it will just grow


When planted in the spring, they will give you ripe bud earlier than any other cannabis strain variety. Autoflowering cannabis seeds can be planted, grown and harvested several times per season in your garden without attracting undue attention. Due to their super-fast life cycle (8-9 weeks), auto flowering marijuana strains can be planted up to early August. They can also flourish in such climates such as Norway or Alaska, whether in the garden or on the balcony of an apartment!


 An Autoflowering cannabis plant has no vegetative stage so they cannot be cloned or regenerated, so each crop has to  be started from seed but the benefits of quick turn around outweigh this.


 The Cannabis Seed Bank - The Joint Doctor - were the first to develop a cannabis autoflower and released it on the marijuana market to much acclaim. Since then most of the major cannabis seed banks and cannabis breeders have developed their own autoflowering strains. Much development has gone into increasing the yields and potency of autoflowers in the past few years to a point where they are getting close to regular cannabis strains.
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Here we have a selection of our more popular autoflowering cannabis strains we currently stock.
Spliff - AK Auto -
Spliff - Dutch Blue Auto  -  
Spliff Dutch Auto -
Dutch Passion - Think Different -
Advanced - Biodiesel Mass -
Royal Queen - Northern Lights Auto -
Advanced  - Skunk Mass Auto -
The Joint Doctor - Easy Ryder -
Advanced Seeds  - Auto kaya 47 -
Delicious Seeds - Northern Light Blue -
Pyramid - Auto Super Hash -
World of Seeds - Afghan Kush Ryder -
Sweet seeds - Auto sweet Skunk -
Auto Seeds - Auto Pounder -
Auto Seeds - Berry Ryder -
Auto Seeds - Purple Cheese -
Barneys Critical Rapido -
Barneys  - Pineapple Express Auto -
Big Buddha - Cheese Automatic -
Big Buddha - Critical Mass Auto -
Bomb Seeds - Berry Bomb -
Buddha Seeds - Red Dwarf Auto -
Flash - Kush Van Stitch Auto -
Grass-O-Matic - Auto Mass -
Kannabia - B.Lee Auto -
Lowlife - AK47 Auto -
Ministry of Cannabis - Auto Blue Amnesia -
Nirvana - Auto Northern Lights -
Paradise - Auto White Berry -
Sagarmartha - Smurf Berry -
Sativa Seed Bank - Auto Jock Horror -
Sweet Seeds - Auto Crem Caramel -
The 7 Dwarfs - Goliath -
World of Seeds - Pakistan Ryder -

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