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Strawberry Chemdawg OG - Feminized - Super Sativa Seed Club
Sex Feminized
Indica/Sativa Hybrid
Indoor Flowering 7-8 weeks
Yield High
Outdoor Harvest
Special Features
Top Genetics
Grow Indoor/Outdoor

Strawberry Chemdawg OG - Feminized - Super Sativa Seed Club

Strawberry Chemdawg OG is very potent cannabis strain with a high THC level of around 20% - 25% in optimum condition.

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  • Description

    Strawberry OG Dawg Description

    Strawberry Chemdawg OG is very potent cannabis strain with a high THC level of around 20% - 25% in optimum condition.
    Strawberry Chemdawg OG has one of the most pungent diesel aromas you will find. If you are into the terps than you should give this strain a go
    It’s a vigorous variety with a high to very high yield. She can be grown indoor by both beginners and expert growers. Advanced growers that master this variety will be able to get huge yields in a 9-10 weeks flowering period
    Strawberry Chemdawg OG can be grown using various cultivation techniques, she is a vigorous grower that might need some support during the end of flowering. The big and chunky flowers get pretty heavy close to harvest and are easy to trim
    Strawberry Chemdawg OG, a new poly hybrid based on the multiple cannabis cup winning genetics Chemdawg and Strawberry OG
    Chemdawg is a world-famous cannabis variety well known for its pungent diesel like aroma. Her unique terpene profile has already ensured multiple cup wins across the globe. Strawberry OG consists of Bruce Banner and SFV OG genetics, both of these strains are really potent with a powerful effect. Using both of these high-quality parents made this a very interesting cross that is super dank and terpy.
    Strawberry Chemdawg OG has buds that taste like a (straw)berry/lemon pie flavoured OG. Her aroma is also very pungent with hints of diesel, jet fuel, burnt rubber and forest fruit. A unique and interesting combination. Her flavour will stick to the back of your tongue with clear hints of diesel, citrus fruit and tropical fruit.
    When inhaling you will enjoy a smooth smoke that tastes mostly sour and spicy. On the exhale you will experience its signature diesel taste with an ammonia twist that will capture your senses. For growers that are looking for weed strains that have a lot terps, they surely won’t be disappointed. The high is pretty powerful making this strain most suitable for more experienced users.
    Strawberry Chemdawg OG is a Indica/Sativa hybrid. It is a very well-balanced hybrid which has inherited the best characteristics of both parent strains - the pungency and terpenes of the Chemdawg and the high cannabinoid profile of the Strawberry OG. The goal was to create the most pungent and aromatic terpene profile you can encounter. This variety is pretty powerful, with THC levels reaching well above 20%. In optimum conditions you could even get close to 25% THC.
    Strawberry Chemdawg OG is the result of a cross between Chemdawg and Strawberry OG. This poly-hybrid is an unique cross of two heavy weights. Chemdawg aka ‘Chemdog’ is a well-known strain from the USA that became one of the building blocks of world famous OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It is known for its distinct and powerful diesel-like aroma. This is a strain that you will be able to smell from a distance. Pungent and heavy, her terpene profile is both strong and penetrating. All of the Diesel strains came from these genetics including Headband, NYC Diesel etc.
    The Strawberry OG genetics came from a cross between a Bruce Banner and SFV OG. During the creation of this strain the original breeders were looking for a strawberry flavoured OG, with the classic Bruce Banner structure and the potency of the SFV OG. The result is a mouthwatering terpene profile that smells and taste like strawberry lemonade with an OG twist. Super Sativa Seeds crossed these two amazing parents to get an even more pungent cannabis variety than either of the original parent strains. You can expect an aroma of diesel, jet fuel, burnt rubber with a hint of strawberry and forest fruit. All with the same pungency level as the original Chemdawg/Chemdog. 
    Strawberry Chemdawg OG is a very well-balanced hybrid with a medium flowering time of about 9 to 10 weeks. Her yield can be high in the right hands. She is not particularly hard to grow, but her growth pattern can be difficult to predict. This can be challenging for less experienced growers that are looking for the easiest cannabis varieties.
    The Strawberry OG parent is actually a plant that is pretty easy to grow and quite resistant to mold and bud rot. The Chemdawg is a little bit more difficult to grow and especially hard to master. But once you get the hang of it, she produces ultra-flavourful buds that will simply put a smile on your face as soon as you open the jar. Our goal with the new Strawberry Chemdawg OG was to make these terps more accessible to all types of growers.
    She grows like a proper Christmas tree with a lot of side branching when grown the natural way. Her branches are tough and resilient, she can be bent, cropped and supercropped. Grow techniques like LST, mainlining or SCROG will help achieving the highest possible yields. Her flowers tend to get pretty big and bulky, during late flowering. Therefore you may wish to support the buds with either sticks or ropes so they don't snap the branches. It’s a medium sized plant with a decent amount of stretch after switching the clock to 12/12. She can easily double in size. Her internodal distance is short to medium, some phenotypes show very good stacking, these are often the highest yielders.
    Strawberry Chemdawg OG is an intensely diesel strawberry OG flavoured strain with a high THC percentage of about 20-25% THC. Though the flowers are gassy, kushy and sweet in taste, don’t let the berry fruitiness fool you into thinking that this isn’t a hard-hitting strain. These multi coloured buds result in you feeling completely intoxicated, after just a couple of drags. It has a blend of both mental and physical effects, however the mental effects seem to be a bit stronger than the physical ones. The high is a fast hitter and can last several hours. If you smoke a fat spliff you can be high for half the night.
    The initial disorienting head high will become more cerebral and uplifting after a few minutes. It has the ability to amplify your senses, making this a great variety to listen to music or to watch movies. Besides having a powerful head high the body stone is nothing near a couch-lock but it will make your body feel totally relaxed.
    Strawberry Chemdawg OG has an average flowering time of about 9 to 10 weeks. She is bred as an indoor plant but can also be grown outdoors in favourable climates. She has a more open bulky bud structure which makes her suitable for outdoor growing in warm & sunny climates. For the best results we strictly recommend growing her outdoors in a dry Mediterranean-like climate or in the comfort of a controlled greenhouse.
    This strain has a medium to large stretch, plants can easily double in size. Some of the most Sativa dominant pheno’s can become even larger than that. Her stretch goes on for about 3 to maximum 4 weeks. She can be grown the natural way but she will also do well in a SOG. SCROG growing is where this strain really excels, you can also use many different growing techniques to increase her yield.
    Strawberry Chemdawg OG has a very decent yield. Even for the less experienced growers it is still possible to get a good yield of nearly a pound per m2 with the proper level of care. In the hands of expert growers, it is possible to obtain a large yield of around 500-650g/m2. These high yields can only be reached if the plants are grown in optimum conditions.
    It is advised to support the heavy flowers during flowering for both indoor and outdoor growers. The use of a net to support the buds is a good solution to keep the heavy flowers upright. It’s a strain that could use the help of some grow techniques like LST, supercropping, scrogging in order to get the highest yields. Outdoors she can yield more than half a kg of dry buds per plant.

    Strawberry OG Dawg Feminized Seed Specifications

    Sex: Feminized
    Type: Hybrid
    Grow: Indoor/Outdoor
    Flowering Type: Photoperiod
    Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
    Outdoor Harvest: Unknown
    Yield: 500-650g/m2
    Height: Unknown
    THC: 20-25%
    CBD: Unknown
    THC/CBD ratio: Unknown
    Genetics: Chemdawg x Strawberry OG
    Aroma/Flavour: Gassy, Sour, Diesel, Strawberry, Fruity
    Effects: Cerebral, Uplifting
    Medical Conditions: Unknown
    Medicinal Properties: Unknown
    Mold/Pest Resistance: Unknown
    Grow Difficulty: Unknown
    Awards: Unknown
    Pick & Mix: No
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