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Spliff Seeds Jack F1 Regular (Silver)
Sex Regular
Indica/Sativa Sativa Dom
Indoor Flowering 9-10 weeks
Yield High
Height Tall
THC High 16-21%
Outdoor Harvest October
Special Features Medical Strain
Top Genetics Haze
Effect Cerebral
Flavour Spicy
Grow Indoor/Outdoor

Spliff Seeds Jack F1 Regular (Silver)

Jack F1 Regular 75% Sativa Genotype: Skunk #1 x NL x Mexican Haze..

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  • Description

    Jack F1 Regular Cannabis Seeds

    Jack F1 Regular Cannabis Seeds by Spliff Seeds: Jack F1 Regular 75% Sativa Genotype: Skunk #1 x NL x Mexican Haze, cinnamon aroma and flavour, huge resin production, massive budding beast, soil, or coco is ideal medium, medicinal plant, long lasting, cerebral high with a nice body buzz, potential THC level high.

    Jack F1 is a Dutch crossbreed between Northern Lights, a Skunk F1, and a Mexican Haze. She is the result of a long and arduous selection process to obtain suitable phenos as parents. We took several generations of thorough backcrossing to her original parents to stabilize the strain, allowing further generations to pretty much, give identical offspring. This resulted in our Jack F1; she is a 75% Sativa plant with extremely high THC level. Jack F1 has an Indica appearance, but is definitely a Sativa with a short flowering period. Jack F1 is, covered in snowy crystals of resin from top to bottom. Stick to advised nutrients; do not overfeed, especially during the vegetative period (4 weeks) keep nutrient levels at a minimum. Keep her on a 24/7 schedule during vegging, to limit height, this advice basically goes for any Sativa, preferably grown in soil or coco with plenty of space, a Sativa dominant plant she will form one giant main cola, so do not prune her.

    Smell is sweet, spicy, and slightly cinnamon, the taste is sweet and spicy with a touch of haze. A long lasting cerebral high and body buzz. Classic Sativa high, medicinal strain, medicinal value: Add, adhd, anxiety, arthritis, cramps, depression, inflammation, insomnia, loss of appetite, migraine, pms/pmdd, pain: muscle/joint and neuropathic pain.



    Sex: Regular
    Type: 75% Sativa
    Grow: Indoor/Outdoor
    Flowering Time: 9 weeks
    Outdoor Harvest: October
    Indoor Height: 1.50 to 1.80m
    Outdoor Height: 2.00 to 3m
    Indoor Yield: 450 to 550gr/m2
    Outdoor Yield: 400g/plant
    Growing Difficulty: Medium


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