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Review Big Buddha Seeds: Cheese Feminized

Read the Review by our Greek and Italian friends No Contract from the Spanish coast on the Big Buddha Cheese.

The Big Buddha Cheese Seeds were developed from the Skunk #1 strain which was crossed with a pure Afghani male.The original Cheese mother genetics have been developed and improved by back-crossing with the pure Afghani male.

The strain is legendary for its amazing pungent old school aroma and its heady long lasting cerebral high.The plants were put into bud and were grown under 400 Watt HPS grow lights using a 4 pot Wilma System pump, the reservoir was also fed by an airstone.

Two plants were raised in a mix of clay pebbles and soil, in 10 inch pots, placed in planters and then overfilled with pebbles.

The two plants were bent over at the stems at about 3 weeks continuing the run on a 4 Pot Wilma System pump with two probes in each pot, fed for 15 mins every 2 hours.

The plants were fed on organic veg food and bud food and supplemented with Bat Guano and C02 tablets to achieve optimum results.

Having two probes ensures even feed is distributed throughout the root system, encouraging healthy root ball formation.

Lights were put up to 600 Dual Spectrum HPS and an equivalent of 10% of the 600 Watts HPS Bulb in UVB tube lighting was added to boost resin production in the plant.

These plants had no oscillating fans on them, just one extractor system. Plants were grown at a average temperature of about 82 degrees.

High humidity was encouraged and the 600 Watt HPS bulb was never any further than 18 inches away from the plant.The quality and yield of growing the Big Buddha Cheese organically is evident when harvesting.

From two Big Buddha Cheese specimens an astonishing 64 ounces of wet organic marijuana bud was produced, showing that the organic mixed media is very effective.

The plant was trimmed harshly to give an accurate measure of total bud development, the combination of increased feed using two probes, improved soil structure, mixed medium grow methods and the addition of the 10.0 UVB light tube giving additional light boost enhanced massive cola formation.

Because the structure of the plant had been maintained to be airy to allow maximum light penetration through to lower branches, each branch yielded buds in satellites culminating in dense and solid cola sized buds crowning each stem.The yield is massive and is evidence enough for this very successful mixed media organic grow.

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