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Resin Seeds Hammershark Feminized
Sex Feminized
Indica/Sativa Indica Dom
Indoor Flowering 9-10 weeks
Yield Medium
Height Medium
THC Super 22%+
Outdoor Harvest September
Special Features Cup Winner
Medical Strain
Top Genetics
Effect Narcotic
CBD High
Flavour Fruity
Grow Indoor/Outdoor

Resin Seeds Hammershark Feminized

One of the newest additions to the Resin Seeds lineup, this newest cultivar comes to the market to finally give the grower the perfect balance they seek in a medicinal plant.

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  • Description

    Hammershark Feminized Marijuana Seeds

    Hammershark Feminized Marijuana Seeds by Resin Seeds: One of the newest additions to the Resin Seeds lineup, this newest cultivar comes to the market to finally give the grower the perfect balance they seek in a medicinal plant. A plant with a high CBD content which also has big colas and buds, all the while dense resin coverage and wonderful smells.
    Traditionally, most CBD plants have shown a sacrifice of yield and resin production in exchange for CBD content. This Hammershark strain becomes an interesting exception to that rule. Its lineage is Dieseltonic x Shark Shock. Dieseltonic is one of our own champion strains, a variety that took 3rd in 2013 at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Shark Shock is a strain which comes to us from the breeding efforts of the renowned Shantibaba, from Mr Nice Seedbank. This Shark Shock strain is known to many by the name of Great White Shark, and originally Peacemaker. Acclaimed all over the world, including the West Coast of USA in the mid-late 90, where allegedly even the Wu Tang Clan members could not get enough. We here at Resin Seeds could think of very few other plants that would make such an interesting addition to our breeding program.
    Although we bred many plants with the Shark Shock, we decided upon the Hammershark strain as our favorite cross. The yields on all phenotypes were simply massive, with enormous colas and trichome coverage that was beyond insane. Then when testing came back, we knew immediately we had something interesting on our hands. We knew there would be a lower percentage of seed to carry the CBD marker, but we were quite happy to discover that a full 50% of seed had high CBD content (we at Resin Seeds consider a high CBD content plant to contain at least 4% CBD). So essentially, half of the seed a grower plants would be CBD rich. Of these, 50% would be near 1:1 CBD:THC, and 25% would be near pure THC and the other 25% would be 25% near pure CBD.
    One of the most interesting aspects of this plant is the beautiful colors and tones the plants gives throughout its life. Some of these marvels are available for you to see while you browse thru the pictures for this strain. Typically, a grower will see a change in colors of the plant as temperatures rise or fall in the the growroom. However, Hammershark will provide stunning images for your eyes to marvel upon in any growing condition. Outdoors, this plant is a beast. Not only for its tremendous production and smell, which can be quite overwhelming; but also for its ability to fight off pests and disease like PM, largely due to the CBD content and always relying upon a healthy condition in the plant.


    Sex: Feminized

    Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

    Grow: Indoor/Outdoor

    Flowering Type: Photoperiod

    Flowering Time: 9 to 10 weeks

    Outdoor Harvest: September

    Yield: Indoor: 400 to 500g/m2 - Outdoor: 250 to 400g/plant


    THC: 24%

    CBD: High

    THC/CBD ratio: From 30:1, 1:1, 1:30 phenotype dependent

    Genetics: Dieseltonic x Shark Shock



    Medical Conditions:

    Medicinal Properties: Yes

    Grow Difficulty:

    Awards: 3rd Place HTCC 2013

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