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Purple Skunk Auto - Feminized - Sensi Seeds Research
Sex Feminized
Autoflower Automatic
Indica/Sativa Indica Dom
Indoor Flowering 7-8 weeks
8-9 weeks
Yield High
Height Medium
THC High 16-21%
Outdoor Harvest
Special Features
Top Genetics
Effect Body Stone
Flavour Earthy
Grow Indoor/Outdoor

Purple Skunk Auto - Feminized - Sensi Seeds Research

Purple Skunk Automatic is one of Sensi Seeds’ Research strains. It’s 75% indica and 25% sativa, and has impressive genetics: Hindu Kush Auto, Shiva Skunk, and Skunk #1. As the name suggests, the buds often turn a striking purple colour when grown in the right conditions. The plants remain compact as they grow, which makes them suitable for discreet cultivation. Users can expect bumper yields and an intensely relaxing effect.

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  • Description

    Purple Skunk Auto Description

    Growth pattern of Purple Skunk Automatic

    Purple Skunk Automatic cannabis seeds are 75% indica, 25% sativa. They were developed as part of the Sensi Seeds Research 2021 project, from three notable parent plants – Hindu Kush Auto, Skunk #1 and Shiva Skunk. These genetics contribute to the strain’s skunky aroma and flavour, and its classic indica stone.
    There is a level of phenotype variation with this strain, which makes it a good choice for adventurous growers, as some plants may look quite different to others. It’s also important to note that this is the autoflowering variant. As such, even novice growers will find it easy to cultivate, thanks to its predictable flowering and lack of male plants. It has an average flowering period, which means that it will take about eight weeks (indoors) for the plants to reach harvest time.
    As with many indica-dominant strains, Purple Skunk Automatic is compact in size. This is an advantage for those that wish to grow it discreetly outside, or indoors where space is limited. The plants have thick central colas, and are typically conical or pyramidal in form, with a rounded tip. Though they’re small, they’re capable of producing super-sized yields, both inside and outdoors.
    The buds are weighty and large, with their most notable feature being their purple hue. This colouring is especially prominent when the plants are grown in colder temperatures. In fact, Purple Skunk Automatic flourishes in cooler climates, but can also be grown indoors under lights.

    Effect, taste, and smell of Purple Skunk Automatic

    Like many indica-dominant strains, Purple Skunk Automatic is classically indica in appearance and in the stone it produces. Many people notice its intensely relaxing effect, which leaves users pleasantly stoned without being locked to the couch.
    The plants also have a typical indica scent, which is skunky, earthy and dank, with a touch of sweetness and exotic sandalwood. The aroma grows stronger as the plants reach harvest-time, which is something growers should be aware of.
    As for the flavour, consumers will notice that a lot of the same tones are present: rich earthiness and skunky sweetness. Sometimes, it’s possible to detect some spicy notes too.

    Purple Skunk Auto Feminized Seeds Specifications

    Sex: Feminized
    Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid
    Grow: Indoor/Outdoor
    Flowering Type: Autoflowering
    Flowering Time: 8 weeks
    Outdoor Harvest: Unknown
    Yield: Very High
    Height: Average
    THC: High
    CBD: Unknown
    CBG: Unknown
    THC/CBD ratio: Unknown
    Genetics: Shiva Skunk x Skunk#1 x Hindu Kush Auto
    Aroma/Flavour: Skunky, Earthy, Sweet, Woody
    Effects: Relaxed, Couch-Lock
    Medical Conditions: Unknown
    Medicinal Properties: Unknown
    Mold/Pest Resistance: Unknown
    Grow Difficulty: Unknown
    Awards: Unknown
    Pick & Mix: No