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Positronics Seeds Collector's Pack Sativa Feminized

Positronics Seeds Collector's Pack Sativa Feminized

Collectors Special Edition 2 seeds of each Sativa strain… 2 x Claustrum, 2 x Jack Diesel, 2 x Purple Haze #1…

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  • Collector’s Pack Sativa Feminized Marijuana Seeds

    Collector’s Pack Sativa Feminized Marijuana Seeds by Positronics Seeds: Collectors Special Edition 2 seeds of each Sativa strain… 2 x Claustrum, 2 x Jack Diesel, 2 x Purple Haze #1…


    AROMA: Hard forgotten when smelt, Haze. It is a very complex mix of incensed aromas that evoke the sensation perceived in a church. When smoked, the smell multiplies noticeably, and that's when the feeling is perceived cloister.

    TASTE: As the strongest of incense with hints of pine and eucalyptus on the palate, definitely one of the best flavors in sativa.

    EFFECT: Highly stimulating and euphoric, recommended for moments of leisure and fun. Harvested at the time the THC will become maximum and minimum CBD this resulting in a most psychedelic effect.

    Jack Diesel

    AROMA: By combining two of the most aromatic plants, a complex aroma that covers shades of woods (sandalwood, cedar and eucalyptus) and fruit with floral notes, highlighting the aroma of mandarin varieties typical of diesel. Aroma pervasive that hardly forget.

    TASTE: He knows more and better than it smells, the flavor itself hardwood JACKHERER and genotype by the much demanded DIESEL tangerine flavor.

    EFFECT: Powerful psychoactive feeling demanded by lovers of sativa varieties. It produces a psychoactive sedative at first appears, nothing is further from reality, as is quickly becoming energizing as we consume more.

    Purple Haze #1

    AROMA: intoxicating aroma from incense and cinnamon, slightly acidic, very peculiar.

    TASTE: A revolution even before the mythical skunk. It struck by its powerful rush and that taste so sweet and acrid at the same time, in its complex flavor notes ranging from sweet to spicy with a very incensed aftertaste that lingers on the palate.

    EFFECT: Instant characteristic rush sativa, where creativity can flow unexpectedly. Purple Haze can produce a strange and pleasant sensation which appears to increase the buoyancy of objects, including our own bodies; while a mysterious purple mist floods everything ... remember that the effect may not be enjoyable for beginners in the art.


    Sex: Feminized

    Type: Sativa Hybrids

    Grow: Indoor/Outdoor

    Flowering Time: 70 to 90 days

    Yield: 350 to 600g/m2 / Outdoor: 400 to 600g/plant

    THC: Medium to High

    CBD: Low

    Genetics: Sativa Hybrids

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