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Mega Power Plant Auto - Feminized - Spliff Seeds
Sex Feminized
Autoflower Automatic
Indica/Sativa Indica Dom
Indoor Flowering
Yield High
Height Tall
THC High 16-21%
Outdoor Harvest
Special Features Medical Strain
Top Genetics
Effect Narcotic
Flavour Diesel
Grow Indoor/Outdoor

Mega Power Plant Auto - Feminized - Spliff Seeds

With their NL Special as a mother and a highly resinous Power Plant as a father, Spliff Seeds believe they have created the ultimate indica dominant indoor strain.

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  • Description

    Mega Power Plant Auto Description

    Northern Lights was first bred in Seattle, Washington and she was based on a Californian strain. Afghani Indica, Hindu Kush and a Thai were used to form Northern Light. She is an almost pure Indica race (90%) of Afghani heritage and contains a high CBD and THC level. Spliff Seeds then crossed this amazing Northern Light with a massive budding OG Kush to create their Northern Lights Special. Over 16 generations they stabilized the NL Special resulting in very homogenous plants, neigh on identical. Even when cloned. And she’s virtually stress proof. Then with a little side experiment they, accidentally, came across this beast of a lady they now call the Mega Power Plant. Spliff Seeds nicknamed her the Mega. With their NL Special as a mother and a highly resinous Power Plant as a father, Spliff Seeds believe they have created the ultimate indica dominant indoor strain.
    The result is a compact plant with long, candle shaped buds which look like they suffer from frostbite and will make you sing: "I am dreaming of a white Christmas". The buds are finely structured and rock hard covered in finely grained resin. She has those characteristically wide-fingered Indica leaves and a dark green colour. Stalks can be super red, which is absolutely common for this strain and definitely not a nutrient problem. Pre-grow for only 2 to 3 weeks and you will end with a plant of medium stature; between 80 cm and a 1 metre. With very few leaves, this plant has a perfect flower to leaf ratio and is easy to manicure. She is quite resistant to diseases and parasites. The Mega preflowers quickly. She is a very forgiving plant when it comes to; heat problems, fertilizing problems and insufficient water.
    Spliff Seeds have used their Northern Light Special to create many a new variety, because of her stability, yield and impressive resin production. By crossing Northern Light Special with a Power Plant they have created an ideal strain for the beginner. The aroma is not too overpowering, so perfect to grow discretely. Of all Spliff Seeds' strains the Northern Lights special has recorded the highest THC percentage and with her Mega offspring it is no different, so expect high levels of THC.
    The aroma shows through her typical Kush origins; earthy sweet with a hint of Nepalese temple balls. She smells of wonderful Nepalese black Hash with a touch of sweet Kush. Northern Lights Special has a superb liquorice flavour with a slight diesel undertone. She is a narcotic stoner and gives you an all-over stoned sensation. Couchlock stoned. Thanks to her high THC level she is the perfect painkiller.
    Medicinal value: chronic pain, muscle spasms, stress, back pain, muscular pain and loss of appetite.

    Mega Power Plant Auto Feminized Seeds Specifications

    Sex: Feminized
    Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid
    Grow: Indoor/Outdoor
    Flowering Type: Autoflowering
    Harvest: 10-12 weeks from seed
    Yield: Indoors: 500-575g/m2 Outdoors: 500g/plant
    Height: Indoors: 150cm Outdoors: 180cm
    THC: High
    CBD: High
    THC/CBD ratio: Unknown
    Genetics: (Northern Lights x OG Kush) x Power Plant
    Aroma/Flavour: Sweet, earthy, fine hash, liquorice, earthy, diesel
    Effects: Strong, Couch-Lock
    Medical Conditions: Muscle spasms, chronic pain, stress, muscle pain, back pain, lack of appetite
    Medicinal Properties: Yes
    Mold/Pest Resistance: Unknown
    Grow Difficulty: Unknown
    Awards: Unknown
    Pick & Mix: No
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