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Medical Marijuana for Stress

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Medical marijuana has been shown to ease the symptoms of those who suffer with stress. Here at Sensible Seeds we have undertaken extensive research into the cannabis strains and treatments that will most benefit those who suffer with stress and anxiety. Sensible Seeds is committed to bringing beneficial cannabis strains and related medical marijuana information to you, and we are updating our website as new discoveries come to light. We have sourced information from a variety of well-established medical marijuana websites and a summary of this information is laid out for you below.

What is stress?

Stress is the feeling that you get when you are under too much mental or emotional pressure. That pressure builds up and you feel that you are unable to cope. Triggers for stress can be extremely mundane – problems with relationships, work or money can set you off. Individuals react to everyday situations very differently so what seems stressful to one person may actually be inspiring to someone else. Stress affects how you feel, think and behave and it even influences the way your body works.

Commons signs of stress

·         Trouble sleeping

·         Sweating

·         Loss of appetite

·         Difficulty concentrating.

·         Anxiety, irritability, bursts of anger

·         Low self esteem

·         Racing thoughts that are difficult to control

·         Headaches, muscle tension or pain

·         Dizziness

Stress causes the body to create a surge of hormones. These stress hormones are released so that you can deal with pressures or threats – and are what give you the so-called "fight or flight" response. In most cases as soon as a perceived threat has passed the stress hormone levels in your body return to normal. However, when you're constantly under stress, these hormones will remain in your body, and you will have the symptoms of stress.

 Medical Marijuana and Stress

At some point in our lives everyone has to deal with stress and anxiety to a certain extent.  Unfortunately, for some people these feelings become so intense and overwhelming that living a normal, healthy life becomes extremely difficult.  There are medications available to treat stress and anxiety but many patients dislike the associated side-effects and potential risk of addiction.  This is where medical marijuana can be used as an alternative treatment.

Companies such as Sensible Seeds are able to offer specialized products to treat stress and anxiety. Patients who struggle with physical pain may choose strains of medicinal marijuana from the “indica” family, but those suffering from mental and emotional conditions turn to a kind of medical marijuana known as “sativa.”

Sativas are able treat conditions such as bi-polar and attention deficit disorders (ADD) and they also alleviate extreme levels of emotion and allow sufferers to improve their levels of concentration.  A good sativa can certainly assist with extreme stress and anxiety. Smoking marijuana is the most popular and immediate form of stress relief, but new medicinal marijuana products are regularly being developed that help meet alternative needs from new MMJ patients. It is possible to ingest medicinal marijuana in the form of edible cakes, cookies and biscuits or to make tinctures and soothing herbal teas. The active ingredient in medicinal marijuana can also be delivered through liquid extracts and concentrate

Like anxiety, stress may well be caused by chemical imbalance in the brain when the brain’s neurotransmitter activity is disturbed. Higher levels of serotonin are able to alter some depressive symptoms so it is feasible to use medical marijuana for stress and anxiety disorders as an alternative treatment that may assist with some of the more common symptoms. It is well known that stress related anxiety can affect your emotions and put you at higher risk of depression. This in turn can lead to problems with memory and learning as well. Daily doses are helpful to MMJ patients to protect the brain from memory and learning problems related to chronic stress.

Research published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology in Israel claims that medical marijuana can protect against the memory and learning loss that commonly results from chronic stress. The researchers have claimed that their findings “suggest that cannabinoid receptor activation could represent a novel approach to the treatment of cognitive deficits that accompany a variety of stress-related neuropsychiatric disorders.”

It is interesting that while the use of medical marijuana is known to cause temporary memory problems in healthy people, the opposite is true in rats with chronic stress. Daily doses of a THC-like chemical seemed to improve short-term memory compared to those that were left untreated. Rats that received medical marijuana treatment also exhibited greater learning abilities.

According to on-going research, THC, which is an active ingredient found in medical marijuana, comes into contact and reacts with a chemical called anandamide. Anandamide reduces the response to threat in the brain. Medical marijuana patients using medical marijuana for stress and anxiety therefore describe an instant relaxing and soothing sensation in the body. 

The benefits of using medical marijuana for stress

Medical marijuana patients are able to avoid the use of opiates, tranquillizers, sleeping pills and other antidepressant medicines. Mood elevation made possible in medical marijuana patients has a positive effect because it enables a patient to begin to take interest in activities that help him or her to slowly recover. Mood improvement acts as a catalyst in the path to recovery.  

Medical marijuana for stress – Sensible Seeds

The Sensible Seeds team are constantly updating the list of marijuana seeds available for stress and anxiety sufferers and other medical marijuana patients. Keep checking back here with us at the Sensible Seeds website for updates on medical marijuana for stress and anxiety or contact us for advice and further information. We’re more than happy to help.

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