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Medical Marijuana for Acute Gastritis

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Medical marijuana has been shown to ease the pain and symptoms of those who suffer with acute gastritis. Here at Sensible Seeds we have undertaken extensive research into the cannabis strains and treatments that will offer the most benefits to acute gastritis sufferers.  Sensible Seeds is committed to bringing beneficial cannabis strains and related medical marijuana information to you, and all medical marijuana patients. We are updating our website as new discoveries come to light. We have sourced information from a variety of well-established medical marijuana websites and a summary of this information is laid out for you below.

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What is acute gastritis?

Acute gastritis is an inflammatory condition that cannot be generalised as one single disease. The stomach lining—known as the mucosa—becomes inflamed.  When the stomach lining reaches a particular stage of inflammation, less acid, enzymes and mucus are produced. The symptoms include stomach pain and severe heartburn. More intense symptoms include nausea, bloating, belching or in severe cases – vomiting. In the event that your stools are unusually black, then this may be a sign of bleeding in the stomach – or gastritis.

Gastritis may be acute or chronic.  Sudden, severe inflammation of the stomach lining is called acute gastritis.  Inflammation that lasts for a long time is called chronic gastritis.  If chronic gastritis is not treated, it may last for years or even a lifetime. Erosive gastritis can wear away the stomach lining and cause bleeding, erosions, or ulcers. 

The term gastritis can sometimes mistakenly be used to describe any symptoms of pain or discomfort in the upper abdomen but many diseases and disorders can cause these symptoms and many people who have upper abdominal symptoms do not have gastritis. 

Symptoms of Acute Gastritis

The symptoms of acute gastritis can include

·        Nausea and vomiting

·        Abdominal pain or cramps or diarrhoea

·        Fever or headache or muscle aches

·        Blood or mucous present in stool or vomit·         

Causes of acute gastritis

Gastritis can be brought about by too much alcohol, stress, prolonged usage of anti-inflammatory drugs or a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori, or because of smoking too many cigarettes. It can also be brought about by an operation, infection, burns or injuries. Certain medications, such as aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), or corticosteroids can also bring on acute gastritis.

 Acute gastritis is often associated with a severe, acute illness or trauma. Major surgery, kidney failure, liver failure or respiratory failure can bring on acute gastritis. 

How can Medical Marijuana help with Gastritis?

Humans have cannabinoid receptors in both the brain and the gut. It is believed that they are an important part of the gut healing process when it becomes damaged. Research has shown that cannabinoids heal inflammation of the stomach and slow down gut motility, automatically reducing the pain from muscle cramps that inevitably cause diarrhoea.

Medicinal marijuana has been proven to treat gastritis and control the pain associated with acute gastritis in MMJ patients. Medical marijuana benefits the patient by improving appetite and easing aches, pains and stress associated with acute gastritis. Unlike the use of many conventional medicines, there are no known risks of addiction to medical marijuana. In fact many of the inflammatory drugs currently prescribed to treat acute gastritis pose problems after long-term use. Medical cannabis does not carry the same risks.


Medical Marijuana and Acute Gastritis: Evidence and Research

In 1997, the National Institutes of Health, conducted research that clearly justified that certain conditions that produce acute pain, neurological disorders, loss of appetite, or nausea can be successfully treated with medical marijuana. Around the world, over 6,500 journal reports have outlined the importance of medical marijuana particularly for patients who suffer acute pain.

It was 2005 that was an important year for cannabis research. A study, conducted jointly by the University of Bath and Bristol University, claimed that cannabis had a healing effect in cases of inflammatory bowel disease, or gastritis. The study claimed that by influencing the cannabinoid receptors located in the brain and gut with cannabis, the treatment proved effective.

In 2005 New Scientist published a joint study by Bristol University and the University of Bath on the apparent healing power of cannabis on IBD. It sees that cannabinoid receptors exist in the intestinal lining, and respond to molecules in plant-derived chemicals.  CB1 cannabinoid receptors – which we already know are present in the brain –line the gut, repairing the lining when it gets damaged.  Researchers deliberately damaged the cells, causing inflammation of the gut lining and then added synthetically produced cannabinoids. The gut started to heal. It is believed that in a healthy gut, our naturally occurring endogenous cannabinoids are released from endothelial cells when they are injured, which then bind to the CB1 receptors.  It appears to be a wound-healing reaction. When MMJ patients use cannabis, the cannabinoids bind to these receptors in the same way.

In any case the powerful antiemetic and appetite enhancing properties of medical marijuana have been known by cancer MMJ patients for years.   

Medical Marijuana and Gastritis

There are several ways that MMJ patients can consume medical marijuana. For immediate pain relief seek out inhalation or vaporizing cannabis. Edible marijuana is also an option, or you can use cannabis tinctures and topical solutions that contain cannabis. Each method has positive effects on pain relief and can be prescribed according to the severity of the pain experienced by the MMJ patient and the type of disease that is being treated. 

Medical marijuana for acute gastritis – Sensible Seeds

The Sensible Seeds team are constantly updating the list of marijuana seeds available for acute gastritis sufferers and other medical marijuana patients. Keep checking back at the Sensible Seeds websites for updates on medical marijuana



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