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Medical Marijuana and Muscle Spasms

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Recent research into the advantages of using medical marijuana has shown that it can ease some of the discomfort caused by muscle spasms. Here at Sensible Seeds we have embarked on a project of research that examines cannabis strains and links them to treatments that will most benefit you if you are suffering from muscle spasms and are therefore searching for medical marijuana for muscle spasms use. Sensible Seeds is committed to finding the most useful cannabis strains along with associated medical marijuana information that you will find useful. We are always updating our website when new discoveries come to light. Sensible Seeds have sourced information from a variety of well-established medical marijuana websites and a summary of this information is laid out for you below.


What are muscle spasms?

Muscle Spasms are a sudden, involuntary movement or a convulsive muscular contraction. You can be doing absolutely anything when a muscle spasm hits you. You might be exercising, out for a run or you can be drifting off to sleep. Suddenly muscles in one part of your body become hard, tight and extremely painful. This is a muscle cramp or muscle spasm. Muscle spasms are involuntary contractions of one or more muscles. In addition to the foot and calf muscles, other muscles are also prone to spasms include the front and back of the thigh, the hands, arms, abdomen and the muscles along the ribcage.

Muscle spasms can affect many areas of the body and may be caused by numerous diseases such as multiple sclerosis or other forms of sclerosis (which is hardening of tissue or the nervous system),  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), cerebral palsy,  atopic neurodermititis (chronic hardening of the skin),  paraplegia,  quadriplegia,  cranial and spinal nerve injuries. There are other neurological impairments such as Tourette’s syndrome and symptoms caused by stroke which also encourage muscle spasms.   In addition, you will find that asthma is partly caused by spasms of the muscle which coats the smaller bronchi.

Possible causes of muscle cramps

Almost everyone experiences muscle cramps and they come without warning. Muscle cramps can have many possible causes including:

·         Poor blood circulation in the legs

·         Insufficient stretching before exercise

·         Malfunctioning nerves, which could be caused by a problem such as a spinal cord injury or pinched nerve in the neck or back

·         a side effect of medication

·         Exercising in the heat

·         Muscle fatigue

·         Dehydration

·         magnesium and/or potassium deficiency

·         Calcium deficiency

·         Overexertion of the calf muscles while exercising

Conventional treatments of muscle spasms

There are a number of things you can do to help ease muscle spasms or cramps when they occur. You could try massaging the affected area, stretch the muscle or apply ice, warm the muscle or take a bath with Epsom salts.  If you suffer with cramps on a regular basis you could address your diet and ensure that you eat more foods that are rich in vitamins including calcium, potassium and magnesium. Always ensure you stay well hydrated and if you are exercising you should stretch properly and warm up before you start.

Medical marijuana for muscle spasms

Natural marijuana and synthetic delta-9 THC have each been found to relieve a broad range of muscle spasms in a number of human and animal studies.  A 1990 double-blind trial comparing THC with codeine demonstrated that while they both displayed an analgesic effect in comparison with a placebo, “only delta-9 THC showed a significant beneficial effect on spasticity” meaning that medical marijuana has positive benefits for muscle spasms.

Dozens of studies on human subjects have indicated that medical marijuana would be useful in treating a number of varieties of spastic conditions including cases where conventional treatments have failed.  Some MMJ patients for example find that cannabis is instrumental in assuaging the chronic debilitation of their overpowering muscle tremors.  Medical marijuana patients suffering from severe spastic conditions have reported that MMJ actually improves their quality of life. 

Also of note is the effect that medical marijuana can have on Tourette’s syndrome. According to pharmacologist Daniele Piomelli, there is strong clinical evidence that the anandamide-boosting properties of THC help to alleviate symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome, and the generally ultra- conservative American Medical Association has agreed:  “Anecdotal survey and clinical data support the view that smoked marijuana and oral THC provide symptomatic relief in some patients with spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis or trauma”.

It would appear then that medical marijuana for muscle spasms can be extremely beneficial. The powerful barbiturates and muscle relaxers currently in use for treatment of severe muscle spasms are known to have serious and life-threatening side effects whereas natural cannabis provides an excellent alternative with very few side effects.

Medical marijuana for muscle spasms – Sensible Seeds

Sensible Seeds are constantly updating the list of the marijuana seeds available for muscle spasms patients. Keep checking the Sensible Seeds websites for updates on how research is progressing into medical marijuana for muscle spasms and we’ll be sure to keep you enlightened.

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