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Green House Seeds Indica Mix E Feminised
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Green House Seeds Indica Mix E Feminised


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  • Description

    Indica Mix E Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Indica Mix E Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Green House Seeds: Indica Mix E contains: BIG BANG, EL NINO, WHITE WIDOW, HIMALAYAN GOLD and CHEESE.

    Big Bang is cannabis seed genetics of Swiss sativa and Swiss indica. Greenhouse Big Bang cannabis seeds give you an unbelievably strong high, with a clear side and a more introspective one. You will get quite a unique taste from Big Bang, some say it is sweet and multifaceted in flavour.  The Big Bang has the genetics of Skunk, Northern Lights & El Nino. The wonderful side affects you get as the consumer are known for their medicinal and soothing purposes, it is SO good it is even available as a prescription medicine in the Dutch pharmacies!! As well as the amazing high, there are two extra benefits you get from our Big Bang seeds – one is the high yields you can expect from this beauty and the other is high mould resistant these plants really are, so go on, get in there. With indoor flowering, 9 weeks will deliver the most amount of resin. Commercial growers harvest in 8 weeks. Yield is between 500 and 700 gr/sqm. If you grow this strain outdoors you can expect flowering to finish by beginning of October in the Northern hemisphere, or by mid-May in the Southern.

    El Nino is just a superb specimen. It was the first prize winner at the BIO HTCC back in the day in 1998. As the name suggests, El Nino is a stormy plant with some Brazilian pedigree as well as a mix of others. A great quality plant which produces great results, what a perfect combination! You can expect results from this El Nino variety in around 8-9 weeks.

    White Widow is the most potent cannabis on Earth and is named for the abundance of trichomes, giving the plant a whitish tint. It is also one of the more powerful strains of marijuana (alongside AK-47 and Afghan Kush) with very high 20%-25% THC content. White Widow is seeds are (60%/40%) indica/sativa cross-strain and is best suited to indoor cannabis cultivation. These seeds grow as high as 35-80 cm with the yield up to 450 gr per m2. It's suggested to flower (12 hour light) this marijuana variety for 8 weeks, but 10 weeks will really give you the crystals you are after. Try to turn the lights off altogether the final 2 weeks of the flowering cycle- or at least down to 8 hours. This keeps the flowers from re-growth and stresses the plant into giving up its last drop of goodness as crystal to protect the flower! The buds have so much THC on them that it is hard to see them at all. The smell is strong pungency. It first hits you, then follows a sour sweetness with the final whiff ... turning sweet. If a plant could have a strong body odour then the White Widow needs a deodorant. Cannabis smokers adore its sweet, thick, acrid smoke that imparts a hammering stone. Extremely powerful for experienced smokers only

    Himalayan Gold has hard-won many of the industries famous harvest festivals and private awards, proving its popularity amongst you the consumer and high quality éclat amongst all. Himalayan Gold cannabis seeds produce a hardy, tough plant with diverse qualities which are extremely good attributes when looking to grow from seed. The high that Himalayan Gold marijuana gives you is one that encourages the creativity side of your mind (which is always useful) and some say Himalayan Gold gives you an effect useful for medicinal reasons - very gratifying indeed.

    Cheese was created in the late 80s from a particularly special clone of Skunk No.1 with a very distinct skunk aroma. Since then Greenhouse has backcrossed the original Cheese strain 5 times and added an Afghan genotype for extra vigour and yield. The result is a genetically enhanced modified version of the Cheese, and perhaps the very pinnacle of cannabis seed breeding today. This marijuana variety is mostly sativa; her strong genetics will help you successfully achieve your desired goals. Feminized seeds of this cannabis strain show a good rate of germination, you shouldn't have any problems with seedlings either. They are said to show better results when growing indoors. Though, some marijuana growers tested her for outdoor cultivation and got quite good results. An average yield from a Cheese plant growing in warm outdoors is 200- 450g per plant, with a harvest beginning at the end of October. Indoor varieties can produce up to 700 gr. of dry marijuana per m2. Their yield is more consistent as doesn't depend of weather changes. Though being dominated by a sativa, Cheese has a short flowering time of just 7-9 weeks. Already at the beginning of flower development, young plants become quite pungent, with a very unique, old school skunk aroma. Some smell control might be required. Smoking this marijuana is very pleasant, with a unique uplifting effect and an appealing fruity taste.


    Sex: Feminised

    Type: Indica

    Grow: Indoor/Outdoor

    Flowering Time: 8 to 12 weeks

    Yield: Medium to High

    THC: 12 to 21%

    Genetics: Mixed

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