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Gorilla x Cookies – Feminized – Expert Seeds
Sex Feminized
Indica/Sativa Indica Dom
Indoor Flowering 9-10 weeks
Yield Medium
Height Medium
THC Super 22%+
Outdoor Harvest September
Special Features
Top Genetics
CBD High
Flavour Sweet
Grow Indoor/Outdoor

Gorilla x Cookies – Feminized – Expert Seeds

Gorilla x Cookies seeds produce one of the real monsters of the cannabis worlds. With incredible yields and THC levels that can exceed 23.4%, this is the perfect blend of its globally feared parents Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookie Wreck. The gooiest, densest, most resin-packed buds cover the bulky plants delivering diesel and cookie flavors. This robust hybrid is slightly Indica dominant and has a flowering cycle of 56-70 days. 

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  • Description

    Gorilla Cookies Seeds Description

    Vigorous, sprawling and capable of substantial resin-rich harvests, Gorilla x Cookies feminized cannabis seeds are the result of the heavyweight clash of the century. Both its parents are bud covered, gooey beasts bred for their potency, yield and couch locking highs. Their offspring is something genuinely gourmet. A cannabis strain with incredibly high levels of THC ready to blast you into a state so deep yet so satisfying you're going to want to stay there all day. Strictly for evenings and days off, get your paid holiday requests in now so you can spend some time getting to know this monster of green.

    Created by crossing the legendary Gorilla Glue #4 and the reclusive Cookie Wreck, this devastatingly powerful pot strain takes between 56 – 70 days to flower. Gorilla Glue is one of Expert Seeds most well-loved varieties and boasts of huge yields and the ability to semi-permanently glue you to the couch. Cookie Wreck comes from a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Trainwreck, it's legendary for delivering an energetic yet relaxing high. It hits hard but leaves you floating with euphoria. The blend of these two resulted in something that can take you down harder and faster than any of its ancestors. 

    With incredibly gooey buds, Gorilla x Cookies gets many of its physical features from its GG4 parent. Once these plants get going, they will take up any space offered to them. Early pruning and training will help you to keep control and see those large yields. Once the buds are cured, they become rock solid, packed with THC and ready to do some damage. If you are looking for plants for hash or concentrate production, the thick resin will make your job easy.

    Gorilla x Cookies requires careful handling, for the true cannabis connoisseur these buds settle in for the long haul. A perfect example of what high-quality marijuana can do; the high arrives quickly and delivers a body blow before you can do anything about it. Not for the fainthearted or inexperienced. The flavor of these world-class buds is complex and an ideal match for its effects. You will be able to detect diesel, cookies and a hint of fruit on the exhale. 

    Gorilla x Cookies Feminized Seeds Specification

    Sex: Feminized

    Type: 55% Indica/ 45% Sativa

    Grow: All Environments

    Flowering Type: Photoperiod

    Flowering Time: 56-63 days

    Outdoor Harvest: Mid-September

    Yield: High (Indoor: 450-550 g/m2, Outdoor: 700 g/plant)

    Height: Medium

    THC: 25%

    CBD: <1%

    THC/CBD ratio: 18:1 (approx.)

    Genetics: Gorilla Glue x Cookie Wreck |probably|

    Aroma/Flavor: Diesel, Cookie

    Effect: Strong, Heavy, Couchlock, Body stone

    Mold/Pest Resistance: Unknown

    Medical Conditions: Stress, Depression, Pain

    Medicinal Properties: Yes

    Grow Difficulty: Easy

    Awards: Unknown

    Pick and Mix: Yes

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