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Cheese – Feminized – Expert Seeds
Sex Feminized
Indica/Sativa Sativa Dom
Indoor Flowering 8-9 weeks
Yield Medium
Height Medium
THC High 16-21%
Outdoor Harvest October
Special Features Beginner Strain
Top Genetics Cheese
Grow Indoor/Outdoor

Cheese – Feminized – Expert Seeds

Cheese seeds produce a world-famous strain with an unforgettable flavor and trichome covered buds. Known as ‘the best-selling strain on the market’ the medium/tall sized plants and can reach up to 18% THC. This hardy Sativa dominant hybrid carries legendary Skunk genetics and has a flowering cycle of 56 days.

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  • Description

    Cheese Seeds Description

    Vigorous, hardy and easy to grow, Cheese (AKA Funky Skunk) feminized cannabis seeds produce a plant that is known as a perfect example of top-quality weed. A refined descendant of Skunk #1 this is often described as 'The best-selling strain on the market'. Following Regan's war on drugs, it escaped to the UK where it spent 20 years in an underground squatter collective. During this time, it was slowly improved and developed into the High THC, flavor-packed strain it is today.

    Following its stay in the UK, clones of the refined version began appearing all over the world. These clones were known as the 'Original Cheese' and went on to crossed with Afghan genetics to produce this stable hybrid. The new genetics enhanced the flavor, making it even easier to grow in any conditions. This revolutionary pot strain from Expert Seeds has a 56-day flowering period and can reach THC levels of 18%.

    Known for its vast yields and unforgettable aroma, buds of Cheese plants have a uniquely potent terpene blend:

    • Caryophyllene adds a spicy element to the flavor and is believed to provide anti-inflammatory benefits.
    • Limonene brings a note of citrus and is excellent for stress relief and reducing anxiety.
    • Myrcene has an earthy scent which adds depth to the fragrance, producing the almost overwhelming effect it can have on some people.

    With the addition of the Afghan genetics, plants are more compact with a dense bud formation. Each one is covered in masses of trichomes, giving a clue to the true potency and popularity of this strain.

    Cheese is known for achieving the impossible; perfecting the incredible skunk genetic line. A 20-year stay in the UK isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it proved to be the perfect chrysalis for Skunk # 1's transformation. Known for its relaxing, happy effect Cheese hits like a tidal wave and gives you no option but to submit and ride it as best you can. It is an engulfing experience that will bring you ultimate relaxation with a touch of euphoria.

    Cheese Feminized Seeds Specification

    Sex: Feminized

    Type: 60% Sativa/ 40% Indica

    Grow: Indoor/ Outdoor

    Flowering Type: Photoperiod

    Flowering Time: 56 days

    Outdoor Harvest: October

    Yield: Medium/High (Indoor: 450g/m² - Outdoor: 550g/plant)

    Height: Medium/Tall

    THC: 14-18%

    CBD: 1%

    THC/CBD ratio: 18:1

    Genetics: Cheese [Exodus Cheese Cut]

    Aroma/Flavor: Cheese, Peppery, Citrus, Herbal, Skunk

    Effect: Powerful, Physical high, Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Relaxed

    Mold/Pest Resistance: Hardy, Weather resistant

    Medical Conditions: Stress, Depression, Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia

    Medicinal Properties: Yes

    Grow Difficulty: Easy

    Awards: Unknown

    Pick and Mix: Yes

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