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Attitude to seed banks at Sensible Seeds

At Sensible Seeds our attitude to seed banks is that we only select and work with the best cannabis breeders and seedbanks that have a proven track record.  Their attitude to producing quality cannabis strains  must be consistent and we constantly monitor customer feedback to ensure this remains the case.
There are new cannabis seed banks coming onto the market all the time so we have to be careful which ones we select - some so called cannabis seed banks suddenly spring up out of nowhere and have a vast selection of feminised and regular marijuana strains and often a collection of autoflowering cannabis strains. Our attitude to these seed banks is to check out their background with other breeders and cannabis forums to see if these are genuine skunk breeders or just someone who has rebranded someone elses strains and passed them off as his own. It is not uncommon for cannabis seed banks to copy certain strains from other seed banks and on a low level this is acceptable but to replicate a whole seed bank and pass it off as original is frowned upon; some may think this is acceptable in a capitalist world but we are trying to change this attitude.
We work closely with the breeders and their attitude to us is such that we can secure the best marijuana strains at the best prices. In more recent years the medical marijuana movement has gained momentum and many of the cannabis seed banks and breeders have changed their direction as to the type of marijuana strains they are developing.  Their attitude now is to produce strains more geared to the medical user - typically  cannabis strains high in CBD and low in THC.
Sensible Seeds attitude to customer service is well known and is the reason are one of the leading suppliers of cannabis seeds in this market. We have been trading for over 20 years and have built up a reputation for integrity and fairness when dealing with the cannabis enthusiasts. We ship worldwide every day to all parts of the globe and out packaging is ultra discreet and well protected to make sure your skunk goodies arrive quickly and in one piece.
If you are looking for a cannabis seed bank with the right attitude you have come to the right place!
Happy Shopping!


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