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Scott Family Farms King bx3 #3 Regular
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Scott Family Farms King bx3 #3 Regular

Scott Family Farms King bx3 #3 Regular more details coming soon......

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  • Description

    Scott Family Farms King bx3 #3 Regular Marijuana Seeds

    STRAIN STORY The king came from Pakistani plants 40 years ago and was handed to me by the breeder who worked on it from the beginning. The Bx3 is showing superior performance to the original clones, higher yields, and so far no hermaphroditism in the 500 plants we are growing. We did fmd one in a plant grown in a EU GMP [s} ]facility in Canada so we have been watching carefully as we have grown this population for selections . I had not planned to release these genetics in this form with the exception of a few friends who I sent a mix of random pheno types together. The terpene profiles go from floral skunk to sweet and gassy; this is the mother line of the now infamous pink Kush family. Letting these go feel like walking one of my kids down the aisle, the finest indica genetics I have encountered. PHENO 1 DETAILS King Bx3 Pheno #1 shows more pole pheno types, growing a main dominant flower. The yields on these plants by far make up for the long flowering period with 2' plants producing 4-5 oz of super dense flowers. The king line produces very high THC levels with a record hitting 30.2% which I didn't believe and had retested. PHENO 3 DETAILS Pheno #3 is showing 60-70% pink pistols and many classic King phenotypes: pink pistol lines, some faster flowering, purple pistol lines etc. It is showing both of the original cuttings by type, and a bonus line with a white 'classic hash plant' pheno with broader leaves and white family type leaf crinkle. Mom tested over 20% on GemmaCert (which always tests on the low side).




    Grow: Indoor/Outdoor

    Flowering Time:12 Weeks

    THC: 25%




    Genetics:Elite Selection from the 80-90's Pacific Northwest



    Medical Properties:

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