• The characteristics and yields of auto flowering weed

    The characteristics and yields of auto flowering weed

    Lowryder virtually does away with the vegetative growth stage: it passes almost immediately from the seedling stage to the flowering period. To our knowledge, Lowryder has the shortest known life cycle and height in the cannabis species. After 17 -20 days, male plants will be able to be identified while all the female seeds will follow shortly a few days later. Even if submitted to 100% light cycle the cannabis seed will still flower.

    The most which the lowryder female plants will grow to is between 16 – 20 inches but normally you can expect them to grow to between 12 – 16 inches. Light intensity, pot size, and proper pH all play an important role in determining the size of plants at maturity – the better the conditions, the bigger the yield. As a rule the plants produce a single, large cola but should they receive an adequate amount of light, a large number of lower nodes will be found.

    Height and Yield, as with all plants, are all dependent of the most obvious of factors. For example, plants kept in small peat cups on a windowsill may yield as little as 1 g and grow no taller than 6 inches, with no branching whatsoever; while a plant in a 4-gallon container under high-intensity lighting and good cultivation methods, can turn into a profusely branched, two-foot wide 45g bud monster.

    When it comes to fertilising, Lowryders should be given small, weekly feedings of a ‘grow’ type nutrient solution especially during its first two weeks. When plants pass into full flower, they should be started on a “bloom” regime for weeks 4 through 6. Mycorise-type biological amendments (root stimulators) seem to increase growth significantly.


    Outdoors: ripens approx 60 days after seed is sown. Indoors : About a month and a half (40-45 days) after planting as seedlings (3 weeks) Note: 100% of plants display the auto-flowering genotype.


    They are very dependent on light with slight phenotype variations. On average you can expect about 12 inches. At a minimum about 5 inches with a maximum of about 16 inches.

    Although a single exceptional report of 96g was recorded under hydroponics, Lowryder normally yields up to 45g depending on light and other factors. Without adequate conditions, plants may stay extremely small, almost comically so – but still produce a decent smoke.

    The buds are compact, slightly irregular and close quartered and have a very high bud to leaf ratio. Thick pistils, with orange coloration, and medium-sized, individual calyxes. When grown indoors they tend to be top heavy. Typically, budding sites start very close to the ground.

    High is uplifting, surprisingly strong. Well-rounded. Best suited for outdoor activities. Earthy undertones with a smooth and pleasant taste. The smell itself is not that overpowering. It has a unique flavour and hints of Williams Wonder and NL can be found in the bouquet.

    More information regarding autoflowering cannabis seeds can be found on the Sensible Seeds website (http://www.sensibleseeds.com) or, alternatively if you are interested in what cannabis seeds are grown as medical marijuana then contact our sister site The Seed Dispensary (http://www.theseeddispensary.com/)

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