1. Are those landrace seeds new genetics? and are they good for medical usage?

    • barrie udall says:

      a landrce is a canabis specie that is very distinct and has been growing unaided in a specific locallity for between 1000 and 100,000 years or more and climate and natural selection over that time has refined the best plant possible……a cultivar on the other hand is that specie that has been worked on and possibley improved on by man by selection……a hybrid on the other hand is that specie that has other specie genetics infused with it too give more desireable traits…an in breed line ( IBL ) has been extensivly worked on for many years to rid the plant of undesirable genetics and promote homoginus consisoncy

      • barrie udall says:

        medical use….landrace are exception for med use…many indica and some sativa have high cbd and low thc ….parvati for example is roughly 1 to 1 ratio highly aromatic and super oily tho not potent and has no angst of modern day strains

  2. barrie udall says:

    there is a plant for just about every known condition that ails you be it physical or mental……indica is mainly for the body and sativa is mostly for the mind and emotion….there are also proven aphrodisiacs

    • barrie udall says:

      aphrodisiac….a substance that makes the mind or body or both supseptable to sexual mood enhancEment…fROM APHRODITE…GODDESS OF LOVE

  3. Andrew says:

    Today marijuana seeds have many medical uses. These are useful in many medical conditions of different patients.

  4. Chris says:

    Landrace is medically very useful in different conditions.

  5. AK47 seeds says:

    If a landrace strains are the pure ones, which strains can i count as a land strain? AK47 or White Widow for example? I want to go back to nature you know, not all those crossed genetics which will result in 1 overal strain in the future.

  6. joe says:

    Indicas are a subspecies of sativas. They never existed in the wild until man took lowland sativas and grew them at higher altitudes, overtime these became shorter and also intensified the effect more towards the desired traits the cultuvators were looking for. There is no such strain that is trully 100% indica, and if so, one would argue because of the look it has to be, however in the effect of it you will always have a sativa influence lingering in the background.

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