1. John Jones says:

    I have recently started putting away my prescriptions of medications due to some of their toxic effects. I am a new vaper and am interested in medical marijuana. I was wounded in an ambush in combat and suffer from the loss of an eye, traumatic brain injury,nerve damage, lack of sleep and PTSD. I am 100% disabled. CBD helps me. I went this year and got a medical card in Washington State. Is there any way you can help get me some seeds? Much appreciated…

  2. jacob kiesel says:

    Hi, I am interested in finding seeds/strains that contain less than 3% THC. Please let me know if there are options with your company

  3. jellero says:

    i am a thyroid patient and my levels are off so my bp is high, like 170/103 which is worrisome. i took my bp before and after vaping a few hits of super high cbd, like 20% cbd and under 1% thc (charlottes web)waited ten minutes after vaping, then took bp again and it was 140/70. i do not feel stoned just kind of relaxed. i also have a chronic back pain issue that sends pain down my right leg. that pain is almost gone and is staying in my back.
    i have done this with a friend with chronic high bp and had same results. that was a high thc, low cbd strain so he did get stoned.
    mmj does indeed lower bp.

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