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  • Original Amnesia Now Feminised


    Original Amnesia Now feminised

    Breeder’s first feminized Original Amnesia. Brutal effect. Extremely good producer. After many years of winning several cups and being nº1 in the coffeeshop of Holland, the breeder of Amnesia has created its feminized version

     Hy-Pro Seeds - SuperStrainS - Original Amnesia Feminized

    Hy-Pro Seeds – SuperStrainS – Original Amnesia Feminized Our price: £10.00

    Hy-Pro Seeds

  • GreenLabel Cannabis Available Now


    GreenLabel Seeds Bank

    Sensible Seeds welcome Green Label Seeds to the family. Green Label is an Amsterdam-based supplier of premium quality feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds.

    GreenLabel Automatic MegaBud

    GreenLabel Automatic MegaBud

    Flavors Include –

    White Fruit
    OG Cheese
    Mountain Kush
    Blue Grape Dream
    Killer White
    AK Widow 47
    Everest Bud
    Berry Delight
    Frosty Kush
    Big Jack
    Automatic Mega Bud
    Auto Silver Haze
    Automatic Widow
    Automatic Mary

    With over 13 Stunning new Marijuana Strains including 4 fantastic Autoflowering varieties the are set to enrich the ever expanding Cannabis Gene Pool. They even offer 3 Mix packs for those of you who like a variety of flavours.

    Availible Now! From £21

    GreenLabel Seeds
    Spliff Seeds

  • 8 Ball Bonnanza – 8 Free Cannabis Seeds with all orders over 35 GBPounds


    Sensible Seeds bring you the 8 Ball Bonnanza!

    Were giving you eight amazing FREE Regular Cannabis Seeds to add some flavour to your outdoor collection. Just spend over £35 pounds on Cannabis Seeds between the 14th and 30th of Jan and recieve the following FREE with your order.

    Cannaventure Seeds- Sour Double Kush
    Cannaventure Seeds- Star Berry Indica
    KC Brains Seeds- Afghani Special
    Kaliman Seeds- Cheese Tease
    Mr Nice Seeds- Critical Haze
    Green Gage Seeds- Pepe le Chem
    Astur Jaya Seeds- Druida
    High Quality Seeds- Big Bud

    KC Brains

    We Also continue with our fantasic FREE SEEDS offer.

    We send you a FREE seed to thank you for your order for every £20 you spend on seeds.

    These seeds are from the Spliff Seeds Gold Line; they are feminized and known for excellent growing characteristics and high yields.
    The amounts are before shipping and packaging costs (i.e. if you place a £19 order but the shipping with guaranteed delivery comes to and additional £15, total £34, free seeds will NOT be included)
    The free seed offer applies to seed orders only. Should the strains on the offer become unavailable we will replace with a strain of similar value.
    Please note 5 Seeds maximum. Contact us for bulk orders and we will arrange an appropriate discount or freebees!!)

    Again congratulations to Spliff Seeds, who had a Special 2011 and with seven new and beautiful Cannabis seed strains soon to be released exclusivly at Sensible Seeds we wish them continued success for 2012.

  • John Sinclair Seeds


    John Sinclair Seeds

    John Sinclair Seeds is the new line of connoisseur cannabis seeds which honours both superior quality and the political march towards cannabis legalization. The legendary counter-culture hero John Sinclair has through over 50 years of cannabis activism developed a skilful taste for high quality bud. In cooperation with Ceres Seeds, John Sinclair has developed four stable F1 varieties which all capture, in their own way, the essence of a connoisseur’s choice. The four favourites of John Sinclair, all handpicked and exclusively selected, are John Sinclair Sativa, John Sinclair Indica, John Sinclair Skunk and John Sinclair Indica x Sativa.

    Cannabis Hero

    John Sinclair has made a legendary contribution to cannabis legalization. He became a heroic icon of counterculture and of cannabis activism when he in 1969 was arrested for giving two joints to an undercover narcotics officer. He was sentenced to 10 years for possession of marijuana. This event caused widespread reactions. Abbie Hoffmann jumped the stage during The Who’s concert during the legendary Woodstock Festival in protest of Sinclair’s arrestment, and several protest were issued in the aftermath of the arrest.

    “It ain’t fair, John Sinclair
    In the stir for breathing air”

    – John Lennon

     It was not until two years after, however, that any of these protests would see any effect. John’s arrest and imprisonment sparked the landmark  ‘Free John Now Rally’ in Ann Arbour in Michigan in December 1971. This was a huge event with a significant presence of influential left-wing personalities, including John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Stevie Wonder, David Peel, Pete Seeger, Alan Ginsberg, Abbie Hoffmann, Jerry Rubin, and numerous others. John Lennon even recorded the song “Free John Sinclair” on his album Some Time in New York City (1972). Thanks to the enormous contribution to the concert and the massive protest against Sinclair’s imprisonment, the “Free John Now Rally” was successful. After the gathering, Michigan Supreme Court rules that the state’s marijuana laws were unconstitutional. John was released only three days after the rally, after having spent two of his ten year jail sentence.

    The arrest and subsequent liberation of John Sinclair became such an iconic case for the counterculture movement and for the legalization of cannabis.

    Amsterdam Cannabis Connoisseur

    As a pro-cannabis activist, John Sinclair has long been fond of the liberal soft drugs laws of the Netherlands and has spent a good portion of the past decades studying the consequences of its decriminalization. He got affiliated with Ceres Seeds during his quest for freedom and cannabis excellence in the Netherlands, and has worked closely with the Ceres Seeds team to select four strains which mirror the taste of a cannabis connoisseur and legend. The result is the finest sativa, indica, skunk and indica x sativa you will find. Ceres Seeds are proud to donate a part of the benefits of John Sinclair Seeds to the John Sinclair Foundation.

    “It’s All Good” – John Sinclair

  • Dutch Passion Seed Bank


    Dutch Passion Seed Bank

    One of the first Dutch seed banks, Dutch passion was established in 1987. They now sell worldwide to many very happy customers. They pride themselves in their research. They have genetic control over the strains and are constantly gaining new technology worldwide, and working to produce a variety of new seeds which are selected for their ripened size and germination rate. This experience means that they produce high quality seeds.

    Dutch passion have also made a breakthrough and are able to produce feminized seeds. They have discovered that under the right growing conditions, these seeds can produce only female buds and with a lot of time and experimentation, have found that only certain strains can produce female seeds. As a result, they offer regular as well as feminized seeds.

    Auto Blueberry

    The seeds are also packaged in a foil that preserves the seeds germination ability for a longer time and are sealed so that you can’t see the seeds, though this is so that you receive the best quality seeds.

    Sensible Seeds’ has a good relationship with Dutch passion and as they already sell a huge number of seeds direct from a number of seed banks, it is obvious that they stock a number of Dutch passion strains.


    Dutch passion have worked hard to produce numerous strains. For example ‘Brainstorm’, from Northern lights and Haze. Mixing high potency with a superior quality, smell and taste, creates real quality buds that produce an uplifting high.

    Twilight Feminized

    ‘Twilight’ is a high quality purple variety that can be grown outdoors and produces a strong bodied high.


    ‘Shaman’ another purple variety can also be grown outside and derives from Purple1 and
    Skunk, producing a strong high.

    ‘Voodoo’ can be grown indoors and is a green strain from Thai parents. Seeds are available in regular and feminized and produces a nice Thai aroma.

    Dutch passion also supply ‘autoflowering’ seeds. This means that they are not dependent on the light cycle to go into flowering, they start blooming in response to age so are sometimes easier to grow.

    They also have developed feminized autoflowering varieties: Cannabis Ruderalis has this property and Dutch Passion work with varieties from the Northern Latitudes. Ruderalis do not contain THC, in order to make them psycho active they must be hybridized with Cannabis sativa’s or indica’s that contain THC.

    Dutch Passion has focused on “early maturing autoflowering varieties” because of their remarkably short lifecycle. These early maturing autoflowering varieties are only offered in their feminized (AutoFem) form. Pioneering breeding work has made these varieties extremely potent yet they can be grown from seed to bud in just 8-10 weeks indoors or outdoors. They now have four autofem varieties as the benefits and success to both indoor and outdoor growers are plenty, and they are very popular.

    Ruderalis is now being bred commercially as Dutch passion have pioneered the
    hybridization with some of their strains to create some highly potent cannabis. They can e grown in most places, are short in shape, and only take about two and a half months to grow. They can be grown outdoors in soil or containers and also in small areas. In hot places they can be harvested up to three times a year and in places where there are short summers once a year.

    The unique automatic flowering of Dutch passion hybridized Ruderalis means that good quality cannabis can now be grown anywhere, a real breakthrough in seed technology.

  • Auto Seeds a Fantastic New Seed Bank from beautiful Barcelona on sale now from £17.50


    Auto Seeds a Fantastic New Seed Bank from beautiful Barcelona on sale now from £17.50

    Auto Seeds are specialist breeders of the finest quality autoflowering seeds.
    Created with both the connoisseur and commercial growers in mind, our autoflowering varieties can be ready in as little as 55 days from seed to harvest. They are an ideal choice when space is limited or stealth and speed are a must. Our auto seeds will flower irrespective of light cycle making several harvests in one outdoor season possible whilst also providing ultimate control for the indoor gardener.

    Autoseeds - PurpleCheese

    Auto Seeds - Purple Cheese

    Buy Auto Seeds now from £17.50

    For nearly 3 years we have dedicated our research to developing the best in feminized auto flowering seed genetics. We have combined classic and legendary cup winning strains to create a stabilised and all feminized autoflowering seeds collection with a wide range of traits and tastes.

    Our range of next generation autos have been created to achieve the highest quality, biggest yield and best flavour possible. Many other autoflowering seeds lack strength and flavour as well as producing undersized yields from their autoflowering plants. These are issues we have worked tirelessly to overcome and the results are plain to see in our outstanding range of super auto seeds.

    Autoseeds - Polar Express

    Autoseeds - Polar Express

    Buy Auto Seeds now from £17.50

    The increased yields and strength from our premium genetics, make our next generation autoflowering seeds superb quality and outstanding value for money.

    Auto Seeds – Experience the best in auto flowering genetics.

  • Holy Smoke Seeds – Malawi Gold 12 Seeds £26.99


    Holy Smoke Seeds present Three new soaring psychoactive Sativas from the heart of Africa !!

    In this ever changing environment its essential to house and maintain our irreplaceable landrace Sativa strains , with up to 20% THC these have a soaring high and huge potential along with being exceptionally pure and strong these are actually very rare genetics and have been maintained as such by one of Africa’s best breeders for 20 some years and as far as we know can only be obtained through this source .As a medicine these oils are sent Worldwide to treat a vast number of ailments and are highly recognized for their healing potential . Maintaining plant genetics has been the number one goal here and were honored to offer some these rare but powerful healing gems to the European market so everyone can now benefit..

    Holy Smoke Seeds- Malawi Gold 12 Seeds £26.99

    Finally available in seed form the World renowned Malawi Gold, South Africa’s most sought after Sativa ,for its sweet earthy to lemonesque scents and flavour very easy to grow with heavy results common as dense buds swell and grow and a stone of exceptional quality , beautiful earthy and introspective that works on so many levels you can feel the history these plants have with mankind ..Traditionally these buds are wrapped in banana leaves and buried to cure which produces a very smooth and ush palette A very popular choice for those in the know.

    Holy Smokes Malawi Gold Seeds £26.99

    genetics : 100% Malawi Gold landrace Sativa
    flavour : sweet/ lemon
    THC : 14-18 %
    yield : 650/750 gm
    characteristics :easy to grow , heavy buds ,multi branch Christmas tree
    flower time : 10/12 weeks

    Holy Smoke Seeds- Mozambique Poison 12 Seeds £26.99

    Bordering South Africa Mozambique has been a very difficult place due to constant fighting but because of this its truly wild with a wealth of untapped natural resources so its no wonder their marijuana is so sought after and with the old Durban Poison really tainted its no wonder this plant is held in such high regard.. with traditional healers paying a bi-annual pilgrimage to it and known to house a very trancey psychoactive stone that lasts for hours ,under the right conditions these buds will grow blue’ish and are really beautiful genetics you,ll know why we so happy to have this in hand , don’t miss this one !

    Holy Smoke Seeds - Mozambique Poison Regular £26.99

    genetics : 100% Mozambique Poison landrace sativa
    flavour : electric zinger
    THC : 14-18 %
    yield : 500/575 gm
    characteristics : medium buds , multi branch
    flower time : 10/12 weeks

    Holy Smoke Seeds- Mulanje Gold 12 Seeds £26.99

    This is the king of the Sativas and coming from the top of the second highest mountain in Africa you can guarantee very strong genetics ad THC levels in excess of 20% .A true African gem ! seeds are quite white but house very strong growers that will have you utterly impressed as they fill out and coat in terpenes, Big plants with a big stone not for the faint hearted !!

    Holy Smoke Seeds - Mulanje Gold Regular £26.99

    genetics : 100% Mulanje Gold landrace Sativa
    flavour : lemon Gold
    THC : 17-21 %
    yield : 650 /800 gm
    characterisics : heavy buds , multi branch , christmas trees
    flower time : 10/12 weeks

    All our descriptions have come direct from the breeders who operate in a legal climate much different to that within the United Kingdom, take note, you should NEVER try cultivating any plant of the genus cannabis within ANY jurisdiction where such cultivation is illegal. Our seeds are sold purely for souvenirs and should be treated as a curio or novelty item and should never be germinated. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK THE LAW!

  • Sweet Coffee Ryder Autofloweing


    World of Seeds – Sweet Coffee Ryder Autofloweing
    Buy now at Sensibles from £24.99

    Another great autoflowering strain from world of seeds, sweet coffee ryder has a columbian background and gives off a coffee aroma in the grow room. Like all auto strains she will start to flower after less than 3 weeks and will be finished in 2 months.

    Sweet coffee ryder from world of seeds is an autoflowering strain with a columbian background. The strain has a very good tolerance to disease and has a wonderful sweet coffee aroma.

    Bank Worldofseeds
    Genotype Mainly indica
    THC 17-19%
    Indoor Harvest Time Not especified
    Flavour Not specified
    Way of cropping Ind/Out
    Production 450-550 gr indoor / 25-60 gr/planta outdoor
    Smell Not specified
    Efect Not specified
    Resistance to mold Low
    Outdoor Harvest Time Not Specified
    Resistance to plagues Low
    Sex feminized
    Lineage low rudelaris x colombian santa marta
    Irrigation tolerancy Low
    Medicinal value Not specified

  • World of Seeds – Sugar Mango Ryder Autofloweing


    World of Seeds – Sugar Mango Ryder Autofloweing
    Buy now at Sensibles from £24.99

    Sugar mango ryder from world of seeds is an autoflowering strain of cannabis which will go from seed to bud in around 8 weeks and is perfect when the growing space is limited.

    Sugar mango ryderGenotype Mainly indica
    THC 18%
    Indoor Harvest Time Not specified
    Flavour Not specified
    Way of cropping Ind/Out
    Production 350-450 gr indoor / 25-45 gr/planta outdoor
    Smell Not specified
    Efect Not specified
    Resistance to mold Low
    Outdoor Harvest Time Not Specified
    Resistance to plagues Low
    Sex feminized
    Lineage low rudelaris x brazil (santa maria from brazil)
    Irrigation tolerancy Low
    Medicinal value Not specified

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