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  • Sensible Seeds Promotions Jan 2015


    Sensible Seeds Promotions

    To start of the New Year we are giving away some Lovely OG Kush varieties with our seed orders.
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    If you would rather have automatics instead of the Kera seed promo above please let us know in the customer notes on the order form or drop us an email.    Spend £45 and Receive Auto Purple or Auto Cheese – 3 Seeds   Spend £75 and you will also Receive  2 x Sugar Gom Auto from Grass-o-Matic – (5 Seeds total)   Spend £120 and you will also Receive 5 x Afghani Hog x Northern Lights Auto – (10 Seeds total)    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Seed Bank Promo’s – Boost Your Freebies Even More !!   Below are the promotions we are running with specific Seed Banks.

    These promos can work together with the Kera or Auto promo above to give you extra Freebies.

    Dinafem Seeds Promo

    We are happy to be running a great offer from Dinafem

    1 Free single seed pack  with every 3 seed pack

    2 Free single seeds with every 5 seed pack

    3 Free single seeds with every 10 seed pack

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  • Sensible Seeds Lastest Promotions Sept 14


    Sensible Seeds  Latest Promotions Sept 14

    below our latest promotion available from Sensible Seeds

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  • Synthacaine – a better toot than Coke?


    Synthacaine is a legal stimulant similar to cocaine that gives you similar feelings of total self confidence and a real charge. It doesn’t seem to be addictive.

    Visit Sensible Seeds to buy one of the best legal substitutes for a Class A on the market…

    Drawbacks of Charlie

    Cocaine has its drawbacks as you can’t be sure it is the real deal. Thanks to the problems of importing it from South America and all the criminality, you can’t be sure if you’re getting talcum powder paracetamol or a pure line of Colombian Marching Powder. Once more if you get a duff line in your first toot and take another? You could go from a mild dose to an overdose and be in hospital with heart problems.

    You’re going to pay £20 a line and more and just don’t know what you’re getting for it. It is far safer to buy something of known quantity from a reputable dealer and know what you’re getting at a good price.

    What is Synthacaine ?

    Synthacaine is a stimulant that is said to be about half the strength of cocaine. It is a mixture of two medical local anaesthetics called dimethocaine and larocaine. They are stimulants and anaesthetics in their own rights. As a result you will have a numbness in your nose when you have a toot but a decent charge if you take the recommended dose of around 200 mg.

    What to expect when you have a toot

    People who have taken Synthacaine say they feel as if they can conquer the world. Your teeth grind a bit and your self confidence in everything you do really improves.

    It will help if you’re a bit nervous before meeting that hot date, and your nose won’t drip so as you’re confidently guiding them around the bars and clubs you won’t be ostentatiously wiping your nose as you would bad Charlie that’s been cut with something dodgy.

    Users do say it is weaker than good coke but if the police pull you, you can produce proof what it is and they can’t do anything. Walking back to your date you can just smile and carry on with the fun, as opposed to spending the night apart, you in some dingy police cell for Class A possession…

    Users would be able to spot you have had something but not your average Joe or Jill. This is something you can take if you live at home with Mummy, and want to come back without the horrible questioning of “what have you taken tonight, darling?” because they just won’t be able to tell!


    This is a mixture of two medical grade stimulants so is a known quantity in medical circles and as guaranteed to give you a fantastic hit. If you want a good, reliable night out, then Synthacaine is the stuff to take for a good night out!

  • 5-Meo-Dalt – Psychedelic Crack?!


    This drug is a favourite of tripheads the world over. Though unlike its fellows in the tryptamine family it isn’t a heavy hallucinogen, “DALTers” as those who take it are known, swear by it.

    Tryptamines are a family of chemicals found in nature. Psilocybin is an hallucinogen found in magic mushrooms – this is a tryptamine, but so is the body’s neurotransmitter serotonin which makes you happy in some doses.

    If you see the variations between psilocybin and serotonin you will have an idea what 5-Meo-Dalt will do for you. You will be euphoric and a little tripped out.

    It isn’t extremely intense and you can take a fair bit without too much of a worry. It has been rated at 8/10 for come downs – so serious headaches or issues experienced.

    There was one overdose reported. He took it in the middle of a hurricane but was more scared of the Ozzy Osborne music he was playing than the hurricane itself…


    People have referred to it as “something to do when you’re at home on a Friday evening” yet others have referred to the experience as “psychedelic crack”. Your heart rate will rocket and there is a mild euphoric experience.

    Things get strange but you won’t get much in the way of visuals. The psychedelic side is more E than acid. It is important that it affects your perception of the world – the way you think about things. This would mean that you should treat it with respect. You shouldn’t alter your perception when using a circular saw while doing your DIY jobs as you never know what you might want to do with the circular saw…

    Unlike some of the heavier psychedelics the high will end after around 4-5 hours. This is something you can do after dinner and quietly land before you go to bed, and with the comedown you can be up and fresh in the morning. More fun than a few beers in front of the TV and with similar effects.

    One report has it that 500 mg with 3 grammes of magic mushrooms makes for an almighty experience, but we wouldn’t wish you try illegal fungus found in a farmer’s field would we? That experience sent him off the planet and he returned to Earth around 9 hours later, though I’m sure the psilocybin must have been a significant part of the length of his trip…


    You can sort it or smoke it. For a hit that arrives within 15 minutes, smoking it in a bowl of herbs will probably be the best bet. Try  40 – 60 mg at first and build from there.

    The nut who mixed it with shrooms took 500mg in one hit. This is not to be recommended! 500 mg for the first timer could end up with a visit to the A&E so as with all new drugs, sense will keep you away from having to get help. Besides, tripping in a hospital can’t be too enjoyable…

    Do buy from a respectable supplier such as Sensible Seeds and you will know what you’re getting!

  • Scientists puzzle over newly banned legal highs.


    Leading drugs expert Professor David Nutt has slammed the government’s plans to classify NBOMe as a Schedule One psychedelic drug because of its use to medical scientists.

    In the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs newsletter circulated among journalists and those interested in drugs, Prof Nutt said “Whilst heroin is regulated in ‘Schedule 2’, allowing tightly regulated medical and research use, the NBOMe ban has illogically consigned the compounds to ‘Schedule 1’, restrictions which prevent virtually all research.”

    Research across many so called psychedelics have been banned since the US forced the UN to get tough on LSD and other substances in the 1960’s. Scientists are only now revisiting research from that era, discovering for instance that MDMA, one of the active drugs in the party drug Ecstasy, may be able to help treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    Professor Nutt’s issue with NBOMe is that it can be used to look at serotonin receptors in brain scans. He claims, “these chemicals have recently proved to be ideal tools to map and understand the brain using PET scanning. CIMBI-36 is administered in miniscule, sub-psychoactive doses. On the PET scans, the chemical lights up receptors in the serotonin system like a city’s Christmas lights seen from space”

    If scientists are allowed, NBOMe could well lead to new treatments for mental illnesses such as psychosis and depression. This isn’t new. The inventor of LSD Albert Hoffman went to his grave disappointed that this chemical could not be used for the very reason it was developed – as a medicine.

    Research in Switzerland is now showing that giving people a psychedelic experience when they are dying of a terminal illness, yet have death anxiety, can help alleviate their fears of meeting their maker.

    Heroin is slammed as a scourge of the streets yet is a Schedule 2 drug. This means that medical practitioners can use it for pain relief. Many opiates from paracetamol up are used to treat anything from a headache to a bullet wound. New drugs coming on the market aren’t known for their side effects immediately but in its knee jerk reaction of banning them, so the government may well be cutting off its nose to spite its face.

    Cannabinoids are being shown to be very efficient at treating a range of illnesses from Multiple Sclerosis (for which it is prescribed on the NHS) to diabetes and even traits associated with autism. However it is well documented how authorities react to people using cannabis – just Google “Daily Mail: Cannabis” to see what comes up!

    Legal highs such as NBOMe have only been around for a very short time. Rather than analyse the safety and then making decisions, the UK government has chosen to ban these with very little research as part of the so-called War on Drugs. This, it seems, is getting in the way of good science.

    In short, in taking a big stick to new chemicals that we might use for legal highs, the government is setting back major research into how to treat major problems like depression. Does this make sense?

  • AMT – trippy E’s?


    AMT has had some pretty bad publicity. The media have reported deaths from taking “fake E’s” and this is likely next for the government’s banning list.

    AMT being a powerful stimulant and hallucinogen, it is important you don’t take too much – any time is too early to die from taking a party drug. Saying that if you want to have a powerful trip and be really energised while enjoying your psychedelic experience, this drug is well worth an trying.

    Unlike E’s and LSD it is for the moment at least, street legal and you will know what you are getting. Buy it from a reputable company like Sensible Seeds and you will know exactly what you’re getting. Because you know what you’re getting, don’t take too much and in playing safe you can experience life in the fast lane without going over the edge.

    Though many people use this stuff at clubs, perhaps the best place to try it is at a festival where you can get lots of water, enjoy the lights and burn off energy raving. You can overheat in clubs while fighting to buy a £5 bottle of water…


    First time users should limit themselves to 40 mg. You will get a relatively mild hit from this stuff but you will also learn how your body reacts to it. You will get a racing heart and a surge of energy.

    When you know how your body reacts to the 40mg dose, then up it but not significantly for a full psychedelic experience. Safety first!


    Those who have taken AMT speak of intense psychedelic experiences with shedloads of energy. Hallucinations which aren’t far from LSD, and empathy that isn’t far from a good Ecstasy tab.

    Like E’s, which are often cut with speed, you will want to party! Remember, safety first – it might help to have a friend who has weed to slow you down a bit. In being able to slow your heart rate you are less likely to get in trouble, such as a visit to A&E with your Mum crying at your bedside…

    Unlike E’s but more like acid, this drug doesn’t have to be taken for a rave. You can go out to the woods or see the city lights with your mates, and enjoy the spin off hallucinations from that experience.

    Apparently the feeling of snow and ice is quite amazing though, again be sure not to sleep in a snow drift as you would be just another news item about an idiot who didn’t respect his pills.


    Unlike many legal highs, AMT is the real deal. Take it by all means but treat it as you would any high end hallucinogen. Do it with friends and look after each other. Have something to hand to slow your heart rate. Drink water if you’re thirsty but don’t drown on it (as Leah Betts did).

    Essentially, this is a top class psychedelic drug that has been going around for years. As with any serious drug of this type, respect it and it won’t do you harm.

  • Nopaine from the law on ethylphenidate


    Many people hear about using Ritalin (Methylphenidate) which is a Class B drug in the UK. As with cannabis, if you’re busted with methylphenidate the police can caution you and confiscate the drugs.

    The police can’t do anything if you’re busted with Nopaine (ethylphenidate), which gives a hit very like Ritalin. It is a legal way to get sped up with no hassle from the law.

    Indeed, ethylphenidate is methylphenidate which has been treated with alcohol. Simply, if you were to get drunk at a party and take Ritalin with you would end up with ethylphenidate in your system anyway.

    What to expect when high? 

    You will get a nice buzz and very chatty. If you’re one of those people who hang out in the kitchen at parties crying alone you will rapidly find yourself engaging with people. Don’t expect to end up dancing – this isn’t the sort of chemical to rave on!

    Amphetamine (Speed) does this too but is extremely addictive and can be downright dangerous. As with all illegal drugs it is likely to be cut up with things like talcum powder and far worse, so there is no guarantee of the quality of the hit. If you took a gramme of Speed and didn’t get enough of a hit? Take another gramme and it could be far stronger and put you in hospital.

    Taking Nopaine you can concentrate. In taking the drug you can study for many hours without a break. If you’re cramming before an exam and need to do an all nighter? Ethylphenidate could be the pick me up you need. It lasts a while indeed, so don’t go taking this after 6 in the evening and expect to be tucked up in bed at 11 ready to sleep the night through. You’re more likely to be doing something creative with Second Life or arguing with fellow insomniacs on Facebook!

    People who have taken ethylphenidate report that it is very good for writing essays and chatting with people online. You don’t really want to stop typing when you’ve done it so it will really help boosting the word count on that university project – though do take the time to review what you have written before you hand it in!

    Length of effect

    Unlike its sister Ritalin, ethylphenidate will keep you euphoric for around 2 hours. It will keep you awake for many more. Ritalin can last a lot longer but if the police catch you with it twice you will spend a lot longer with them.


    You should snort this for maximum effect. It goes through your sinuses far more quickly than in pill form through your stomach.

    You won’t get a hit on this unless you do at least 20mg. At 100mg you will be getting negative effects. Recommended dose from experts who have taken ethylphenidate is around 50 mg.


    Being legal you know what you’re getting with Nopaine. No pain from the law either.  It is supplied from Sensible Seeds 100% pure. That means you know what you’re getting – if you need a bigger hit to keep you going through the night, you needn’t fear that you might be in hospital having OD’d.

  • Legal Highs


    Legal Highs

    Legal highs from Sensible Seeds (also known as herbal highs or mood enhancers), Legal highs come in many forms. Some are in the form of a herbal smoking resin or smoking incense or a herbal smoking blend. More natural substances come in the form of salvia divinorum or kratom or ethanobotanicals. We also supply research chemicals, often known as bath salts or plant food, though these research chemicals are not for human consumption. We also supply party pills and party powders, aphrodisiacs and room odourisers in addition to out Legal highs. Our prices for Legal High products and Research Chemicals  are the cheapest on the market and if not we will price match the difference for all our legal highs and research chemicals.


    Latest Selection of Legal Highs from Sensible Seeds


    Barney's Farm Chronic Thunder Feminized AM-HI-CO DIABLOS XXX Extreme AM-HI-CO DOVES ORIGINAL
    Exotix Ultra DIABLOS XXX Extreme Doves Original


      Herbal Blends

    HERB Incense Ultimate Strength Herbal Blend

    Loop Herbal Incense Blend (NEW)

    Pandora's Box Extreme Herbal Incense

    Spunout Herbal Incense Blend Sweet Leaf Herbal Incense Blend Voyager Herbal Incense Blend (NEW) Gold Seal Solid Herbal Incense
     HERB Incense Ultimate Strength Herbal Blend Loop Herbal Incense Blend Pandora’s Box Extreme Herbal Incense Blend Spunout Herbal Incense Blend Sweet Leaf Herbal Incense Blend Voyager Herbal Incense Blend Gold Seal Solid Herbal Incense


    Ivory Dove Ultra 1g


    JOKANE-Lite Powder 1g

    Euphoria Powder 1g Poke Extreme Powder 1g YPDOUT Bath Salts 1g Sextacy Bath Salts 1g

    Ivory Dove Ultra
    JOKANE Powder 1g
    JOKANE-Lite Powder 1g


    Poke Extreme Powder

    YPDOUT Bath Salts 1g

    Sextacy Bath Salt 1g


  • Herbal Blends


    Herbal Blends

    Sensible Seeds latest herbal Blends now available from out selection of herbal blends and legal highs


    HERB Incense Ultimate Strength Herbal Blend

    Loop Herbal Incense Blend (NEW)

    Pandora's Box Extreme Herbal Incense

    Spunout Herbal Incense Blend Sweet Leaf Herbal Incense Blend Voyager Herbal Incense Blend (NEW) Gold Seal Solid Herbal Incense
     HERB Incense Ultimate Strength Herbal Blend
    Loop Herbal Incense Blend Pandora’s Box Extreme Herbal Incense Blend Spunout Herbal Incense Blend Sweet Leaf Herbal Incense Blend Voyager Herbal Incense Blend Gold Seal Solid Herbal Incense
  • New Incense Herbal Blends legal highs


    New Incense Herbal Blends and legal highs  Available Now from Sensible Seeds.


    Sensible Seeds are very pleased to say we have received stock of two new herbal incense blends, which act in accordance with the new regulations brought in on the 26th February 2013 by the UK Government.

    Dutchy Herbal Incense Blend & Clockwork Orange Herbal Incense Blend

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