• Should medicinal marijuana be used to treat pets?


    image5Over the years, we’ve heard how medicinal marijuana can be used to help treat and manage a wide range of conditions including Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Cancer, Chronic Pain, as well as a wide range of other common conditions that affect thousands of people around the world.

    But did you know that medicinal marijuana could also be used to help treat your pets?

    Despite research indicating using marijuana to treat animals can cause a number of harmful side effects including liver and kidney damage, there are still many veterinarian professionals who believe that medicinal marijuana is a safe method of treatment for animals.

    In the same way that cannabis can help to treat humans, the marijuana extract, VETCBD is often used to help animals suffering from conditions such as seizures, appetite loss, chronic pain, and even separation and travel anxiety. Read more

  • Cannabis for fertility?


    image4The medicinal benefits of marijuana have been linked to vast range of common conditions including Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

    And, with more and more medical professionals prescribing the drug for medicinal purposes, there continues to be a number of clinical trials and research that has continued to bring to light marijuana’s medicinal benefits.

    This week, new research has revealed that marijuana could potentially hold the key to new fertility treatments, allowing doctors and medical professional to potentially prescribe the drug as an effective male infertility treatment.

    And, although the early stages of the research have been conducted using mice, scientists believe that medicinal marijuana could paly a significant role in treating male infertility in humans. Read more

  • More doctors than ever before sign petition top legalise marijuana


    image3More healthcare and medical professionals than ever before want the drug to be legalised for medicinal purposes. This week, a group of more than 50 medical professionals gathered to form the first national organisation of doctors to call on states and the federal government to legalise and regularise the use of marijuana in the interest of public health, in front of the White House.

    The medicinal benefits of marijuana have been linked to a whole host of conditions including Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Glaucoma, Anxiety and even some forms of Cancer.

    And, with research and clinical trials constantly being conducted in all corners of the world, there is not a week that goes by when the media is not shedding more light on the medicinal benefits of marijuana.

    As a result, many states and countries have legalised the drug for medicinal use, allowing patients to lawfully use marijuana to help treat and manage a number of common, debilitating conditions. Read more

  • A new poll has revealed that 47% support the sale of the drug through licensed shops!


    imageIt really is no secret that there continues to be growing support for the campaign to legalise the sale of cannabis in licenced shops throughout the UK.

    And a recent poll once again reinforces the fact that a significant number of people would back the idea to allow the controlled sale of cannabis to over 18s, in specialist shops.

    This is after an opinion poll for The Independent revealed that 47% of people firmly believe that laws should be relaxed when it comes to the decriminalisation of marijuana.

    But the sale of cannabis in licensed shops could not just spell good news for cannabis users who use the drug for both medicinal and recreational purposes, it would also mean that £1bn in tax revenue could be generated by cutting out the criminals who already profit from growing and selling the drug. Read more

  • A UK book giant has started to sell a “Grow your own cannabis guide”, providing tips on how to avoid visits from the police!


    imageMarijuana is one of the world’s most controversial drugs, however, in recent years it has become more socially accepted than ever before.

    This is mainly because a number of Governments, states, and countries have recognised the many medicinal benefits that come hand in hand with the drug.

    As a result, record numbers of people are using marijuana to help them to treat and manage a wide range of common conditions including Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease and Chronic Pain. And of course, these relaxed laws have also signalled the rapid growth of the cannabis industry, paving the way for a wealth of new cannabis based products and dispensaries. Read more

  • The facts about Medicinal Marijuana


    ss2It’s fair to say that marijuana is one of the world’s most talked about drugs, especially when it comes to debating marijuana’s medicinal benefits.

    Over the years, there has been an overwhelming amount of evidence suggesting that marijuana is an effective method of treatment when it comes to managing a whole host of conditions including Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy, Chronic Pain, Anxiety and even some forms of Cancer.

    However, despite many Governments and States decriminalising marijuana for medicinal purposes in all corners of the world, it still remains one of the most talked about and misunderstood drugs across the globe.

    We’ve created a helpful guide outlining everything you need to know about medicinal marijuana and its significant link to the world of medicine.

    But first of all, what is medicinal marijuana?
    Read more

  • Why vaporisation works best when it comes to treating a vast range of medical conditions


    ss`Marijuana’s medicinal benefits have paved the way for wider social acceptance of the drug, as more and more medical professionals are recognising the significant role the drug can play when it comes to treating a vast range of conditions.

    This is mainly because there have been multiple case studies and clinical trials that have indicated that medicinal marijuana is an effective method of treatment when it comes to a vast range of debilitating conditions that affect millions of people around the world.

    These include conditions such as chronic pain, cancer and epilepsy right through to conditions such as Aids, Glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis. Read more

  • Nuns growing and selling marijuana in a bid to heal the world


    nunsThere are a number of high profile advocates of cannabis, who spend their time promoting the benefits of medicinal marijuana. However, when it comes to thinking about supporters of cannabis, a group of Californian nuns are probably the last people who spring to mind, right?

    The medicinal benefits of marijuana is a topic that has continued to dominate news agenda, especially as more and more case studies come to light highlighting how the drug can be used to treat and manage a number of health conditions. Read more

  • A recreational Cannabis Drive Thru – whatever next?


    mccannabisFrom cannabis themed weddings, wedding exports and food festivals through to marijuana themed yoga and spa retreats, the world of cannabis is constantly evolving, and getting stranger by the day…

    As more and more people are developing creative ways of enhancing the connection humans have with cannabis, this week it was announced that American entrepreneurs are set to introduce the world to the very first cannabis drive thru window. Read more

  • Studies reveal that cannabis is an effective method of treatment for adults and children who suffer from high resistant epilepsy


    cannabisbrOver the past decade, medicinal cannabis has been proven to help manage and treat a whole host of conditions, including Crohn’s Disease, Arthritis, and even some forms of cancer.

    However, cannabis-based treatments are most commonly linked to epilepsy and recent results from a US based treatment have once again reinforced the connection – proving that the drug plays a significant role in reducing seizure frequency in children and adults suffering from high resistant epilepsy.

    The trials, which took place across 11 centres, also revealed that liquid cannabidiol, may be used to treat epilepsy safely. Read more

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